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How to Install a BBK Cold Air Intake on your 2010 Mustang GT

Installation Time

1 hours

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1. Disconnect negative batteiy cable.

2. Remove plastic radiator cover by prying up the center of the plastic pin heads at the slots cut on each side. Pull pins out to remove. Lift cover off and set aside.

3. Unplug Mass Air Meter.

4. Loosen clamp on stock air inlet tube at air filter box. Separate tube from air box tube.

5. Undo clamps and remove the top portion of the air box.

6. Remove bolt on right side of air box that mounts it to the inner fender.

7. Detach air box from lower inlet tube on the side of the radiator as you lift the box out to remove.

8. Detach Mass Air Meter wire harness from side of air box by slightly pulling on the harness at each barbed mounting pin. Remove the two rubber grommets from the bottom of the air box.

9. Remove the stock air inlet tube on the side of the radiator by pulling up and towards the engine.

10. Remove the two bolts that retain the driver side radiator mount. Remove the mount.

11. Assemble the two aluminum pins to the bottom of the BBK air filter shield using the supplied X-20x 􀁚" Phillips screws. Install the stock rubber grommets to the pins.

12. Install the BBK air filter shield into place and position over the radiator mount peg with the rubber grommets seating into their holes in the inner fender. Install the stock bolt back into the small tab on the shield and tighten bolt. Reinstall the upper radiator mount and tighten the bolts.

13. Remove the Mass Air Meter from the stock air box tube. Install in the chrome BBK inlet tube with the two supplied 4mm button head screws. The arrow on the meter will point to the throttle body.

14. Install the chrome tube to the stock air inlet tube. Tighten clamp. When installed, the Mass Air Meter will be right up against the stock inlet tube. The longer part of the chrome tube will go into the air filter. Plug in the Mass Air Meter wiring to the meter.

15. Install the BBK air filter into the air shield and onto the chrome inlet tube. Push all the way onto the chrome tube until the filter is up against the shield. Tighten filter clamp.

16. Install the supplied sponge seal to the top of the air filter shield and trim off any excess.

17. Reinstall the plastic radiator cover and mounting pins.

18. Reconnect negative battery cable.

This guide applies to Vehicle years: 2010 and Submodels: GT