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How to Install a BBK Catted Shorty X-Pipe on Your 2011-2012 Mustang GT

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • 13, 15mm socket
  • ratchet
  • Blade screwdriver
American Muscle
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STEP 1 Disconnect negative battery cable.

STEP 2 Raise car up and safely support.

STEP 3 Loosen barrel style clamps at the rear of stock H-pipe section.

STEP 4 Support rear exhaust pipe sections behind H-pipe section.

STEP 5 Loosen the clamps at the front of the H-pipe section where it connects to the catalytic converter pipes.

STEP 6 Remove stock H-pipe section.

STEP 7 With a blade screwdriver, lift the lock tabs on the barrel clamps and remove from the H-pipe.

STEP 8 Slide the barrel clamps back onto the stock exhaust pipes.

STEP 9 Lift the BBK X-pipe section into place and connect to the barrel clamps first.

STEP 10 Position the front of the BBK X-pipe to make the connection to the catalytic converter pipes. You will have to unscrew the clamps all the way out.

STEP 11 Position the front of the X-pipe up against the round end of the catalytic converter pipes to make the connection. Position the clamps in place and tighten the clamps enough to hold.

STEP 12 Check the position of the exhaust system and make any adjustments up or down.

STEP 13 When satisfied with the exhaust system placement, tighten the barrel style clamps.

STEP 14 Now completely tighten the front clamps.

STEP 15 Reconnect the battery and start engine to check for leaks. Sometimes the connection at the catalytic converter pipes can be a bit tricky to get to seal. If your having trouble with a leak there, just barely loosen the barrel style clamps and loosen the front clamps again to pull the X-pipe up to the converter pipes, then retighten the front clamps first, then the rear barrel style clamps.

STEP 16 When satisfied, carefully lower car back down.

X-pipe installed

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