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How to Install BBK Chrome Cold Air Intake on your Mustang

Installation Time

30 minutes

Tools Required
  • Hand Tools
American Muscle
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  • Remove the 3 screw pins that hold the battery cover to the body lift up the battery cover and disconnect the negative battery terminal.. 


  • Disconnect the 2 breather hoses from the inlet tube. Loosen the clamps on the inlet tube at the throttle body and the air box, remove the inlet tube from the vehicle. 


  • Remove the 10mm bolt on the right side of the air box that mounts it to the inner fender. Detach the air box from the lower inlet tube on the side of the radiator as you remove the air box. By pulling upwards and towards the firewall. 


  • Remove the plastic radiator cover by prying up the center of the plastic pin heads at the slots cut on each side pull all the pins out and set the cover to the side.


  • Install the supplied small trim into the hole that the BBK cold air tube will run thru cut off any access. Install the supplied spongy trim to the top of the Air Filter Shield and cut off any excess trim.


  • Remove the 2 10mm bolts from the driver side radiator mount and remove the mount by pulling it upwards from the vehicle. Install the BBK Air Filter Shield into place by setting it straight down onto the radiator mount peg. Install the stock bolt thru the air shield and bolt it back into the small tab on the inner fender. Reinstall the upper radiator mount and tighten the 2 bolts.

STEP  7.

  • Install the tapered BBK coupler onto the throttle body and the supplied clamps. Install the BBK Air Filter thru the hole in the air shield. Install the BBK coupler and supplied clamps. NOTE: be sure that the coupler and clamps are on the engine side of the air shield when installing onto the air filter. Install the inlet tube into the coupler on the throttle body. Next slide the air filter onto the inlet tube and connect the (2) vacuum hose to the BBK inlet tube. NOTE: the air filter will sit at an angle threw the air shield as pictured above. Position the cold air tube and tighten down all of the clamps.


  • Re-install the radiator cover. Reconnect the negative battery terminal. Place the battery cover bock onto the battery and reinstall the 3 screw pins.

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