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How to Install BBK Varitune Axle-Back Exhaust - Stainless Steel on your Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • Impact or Rachet
  • Pry Bar
American Muscle
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Follow these instructions carefully to ensure correct fitment and operation.

STEP 1: Lift and support the vehicle.

STEP 2: Starting on the driver side, loosen the clamps at the mufflers and mid pipes.

STEP 3: Using a pry bar or grommet removal tool, remove the rubber grommet located by the muffler tip from the muffler hanger.

STEP 4: Twist the mid pipe so the muffler has enough clearance to be removed.

STEP 5: Slide the muffler towards the front of the vehicle and remove.

STEP 6 (Only for 2011-14 Mustang GT): NOTE!! On 2011-2013 Models you will need to remove the factory clamp from the stock muffler to use on the inlet tube for the BBK Axle Back System. The clamp has a very small and brittle tack weld on it only for the factory production line use. Its easily removed by cutting or wiggling the clamp back and forth until it breaks off the stock muffler.

STEP 7: Repeat steps 2-6 for the passenger side.

STEP 8: Starting on the driver side, slide the inlet pipe through the 2 hanger grommets and into the mid pipe and snug the clamp to hold the tubing in place.

STEP 9: Slide the muffler over the inlet pipe, then slide the grommet closest to the rear bumper onto the muffler hanger.

STEP 10: Slide and snug the exhaust tip onto the outlet tube of the muffler.

STEP 11: Repeat steps 8-10 for the passenger side

STEP 12: With all the clamps snug, make any fitment adjustments starting at the front clamps on the mid pipe and ending at the muffler tips, then tighten.

2011-2013 Mustang GT Dyno Results

Hardware Included

• Inlet Tubes (2pcs)
• 4102B- Muffler Tips
• Muffler (2pcs)
• KIT4101/5 SCP-248-275 2-3/4” Band Clamp (2pcs)
SCP-248-300 3” Band Clamp (2pcs)
• KIT4100/5 SCP-248-250 2-1/2” Band Clamp (2pcs)
SCP-248-275 2-3/4” Band Clamp (2pcs)
SCP-248-300 3” Band Clamp (2pcs)

Stainless steel kits come with SCP-275-### clamps.

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