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How to Install a Bluetooth FM Transmitter on your 1979-2017 Ford Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

American Muscle
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1 . Introduction

Thank you for choosing the iSimple ISFM23 as your audio input solution. The ISFM23 (Tranzlt BLU) is designed to provide the connecting link between your Android device, iPod, iPhone or iPad, and your vehicle. This interface provides a Bluetooth connection point for your Android device, iPod, iPhone or iPad, and delivers streaming audio directly into your radio.

2. ISFM23 Components

• Radio input module
• Application (Free download from Google Play or the app store)

3. Installation Options (Choose A or B)

The ISFM23 interrupts the incoming antenna signal when in use, to deliver the cleanest audio possible from your device. To regain standard FM operation without interruption, simply pause the Android device, iPod, iPhone or iPad, and approximately 8 seconds later the full FM band will be accessible. There is also a power on/off/auto option in the Tranzlt BLU app. If manual power on/off control of the ISFM23 is desired, disconnect the "loop plug', and plug the "optional toggle switch" into the power harness, in its place. This will allow the user to turn the ISFM23 on or off at any time.

A. Connecting to any FM equipped radio

1) Red Wire. Connect to switched accessory power (not constant)
2) Black Wire. Connect to ground.
3) Antenna input. Connect antenna lead from the vehicle.
4) Antenna output. Connect antenna lead into back of radio.
Note: Antenna adaptors may be needed for select vehicles! The ISFM23 is compatible with amplified antenna systems, and adaptors.

B. Connecting to a radio equipped with an RCA auxiliary audio input
1) Red Wire. Connect to switched accessory power (not constant)
2) Black Wire. Connect to ground.
3) RCA connections. Use these connectors when the radio is equipped with an RCA audio input. Connect a short pair of stereo RCA cables to this output, and into the radio's aux input. The antenna connectors are not used in this configuration.

4. Frequency Selection and App Operation

Selecting the ISFM23 Frequency
The factory-set operating frequency is 88.3 FM. If an alternate frequency is desired, the frequency may be easily adjusted using the selector switch on the side of the module (see illustration). Forfuiifrequencytuning control, visitthe app store todownload the free app for Tranzlt BLU.

5. Bluetooth Pairing and Connecting

To pair your Android device, iPod, iPhone or iPad with the ISFM23 (this is only required the first time you use the Tranzlt BLU, after being paired, it will automatically reconnect with your Android device, iPod, iPhone or IPad when returning to the vehicle)

A. Turn the vehicle on.
B. Open your device's Bluetooth settings menu, and search for new Bluetooth adaptors.
C. Select the device called "TranzltBLU". Choose "Connect"

Note: If pairing Is not successful within the first 2 minutes after turning the vehicle on, cycle ignition off, then begin again at step A

6. Troubleshooting

TranzItBLU iPhone APP User Manual

Important Note:

While listening to certain sources of music such as Pandora that have extended pauses between songs it is posibble that the radio interface of the TranzItBLU will disengage. When this occurs, your FM radio will play through again momentarily. Once the next song begins, the TranzItBLU will reengage and play through. The TranzItBLU behaves this way due to the Bluetooth A2DP signaling. If this functionality is not desired, you can choose not to use the AUTO setting and instead select ON in the TranzItBLU App as outlined above. This will provide a less disruptive listening experience.

TranzItBLU Android APP User Manual

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