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How to install a BMR Tubular K-Member - Stock Mounts on your 2005-2010 Mustang

Installation Time

4 hours



1. Lift vehicle and support with stands positioned under the frame rails. Remove both front wheels/tires.

2. Using a 18mm deep socket, loosen both outer tie rod ends. Knock both tie rods loose from the spindles.

3. Remove the power steering line retainer located in the center of the rack. This requires a 8mm wrench. See Image1.

4. Using a 18mm socket, remove both rack mounting bolts. Mark a line on the steering shaft at the front connection point to insure proper re-assembly location. Remove the front steering shaft bolt using a 13mm socket or wrench (See Image 2). Leave both power steering lines attached but move the rack out of the way to gain access to the front A-arm bolts.

5. Remove all 4 rear A-arm bolts using a 21mm deep socket. Using a 18mm socket, remove both front A-arm bolts.

6. Loosen and remove the A-arms’ ball joint cross-bolts using a 15mm wrench and a 18mm socket. Knock or pry the ball joint loose from the spindle. NOTE: It is not possible to remove the A-arms until the K-member is lowered.

7. Using a 15mm socket with an extra long extension, remove both motor mount nuts from the top.

8. Support the motor from below with a block of wood on a hydraulic jack. Lift motor slightly.

9. Using a 18mm socket, remove all 8 K-member bolts and lower the K-member/A-arm assembly.

10. Insert one of the polyurethane motor mount bushings and sleeve into both motor mounts stands on the K-member and lift the K-member up into place. Insert all 8 mounting bolts but do not tighten.

11. Line up the motor stands with the mounting bushings on the K-member. It may be necessary to shift the K-member or the motor slightly to get the holes lined up. Once lined up, position the other polyurethane bushings and supplied 2” washers on the bottom of the K-member mounting bracket and insert the supplied 3/8” bolt. The bushings should “sandwich” the K- member mount when installed correctly. Tighten the bushing mounting bolts to approximately 35 ft/lbs. using a 9/16” wrench and 9/16” socket.

12. Tighten all 8 K-member mounting bolts to 85 ft/lbs. using a 18mm socket. Lower jack and remove.

13. Install the A-arms using the supplied aluminum spacers and hardware (See Image 3). Tighten the front A-arm bolts to 100 ft/lbs. using a 22mm wrench and socket. Tighten the rear to 110 ft/lbs. using a 13/16” wrench and a 7/8” socket.

14. Insert the ball joint into the spindle and insert the cross-bolt. Tighten to 40 ft/lbs. using a 15mm wrench and 18mm socket.

15. Using the supplied bolts and washers, mount the rack to the K-member. When installing, verify that the steering shaft is positioned according to the previous mark. Tighten both mounting bolts to 85 ft/lbs. using a ¾” wrench and socket. Tighten steering shaft cross-bolt to 20 ft/lbs.

16. Mount both outer tie rods to the spindles and tighten to 85 ft/lbs. using a 18mm socket.

17. Re-install wheels/tires, double-check all mounting bolts and lower vehicle.

18. Due to production tolerance, an alignment is recommended after this installation.

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