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How to install a Brake Light Pulser on your 2010-2012 Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

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The BLP-1M10 is a fully "Plug-N-Play" harness that simply plugs into your existing Center High Mount Brake Light. There are no wires to cut, and no adjustments to make.

1. Remove (2) push pins from the insulation panel and gently pull the panel down to expose the third brake light.

2. Reach up to the third brake light and disconnect the 2-pin connector. You must press the retaining tab to release the lock as you pull the connector straight back.

3. Connect the third brake light harness connector to the end of the BLP-1M10 module. Make sure it snaps into position.

4. Plug the BLP-1CH connector into the third brake light. Seat the connector until it snaps into place.


With the engine off, stand behind the car and look at the center high mount brake lamp. Ask someone to press the brake pedal. The lamp will pulse on and off for about a second, then it will stay on. Ask the person to release the brake pedal, and the lamp will turn off. If you press the pedal again within 15 seconds, the lamp will not pulse, it will just come on like normal. Release the pedal and wait 20 seconds or more. Press the pedal again, and the lamp will pulse then turn on.

Once you have verified proper operation of the device, press the headliner back into place until the clip seats fully into position.