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Cervini's Functional Ram Air Kit ('05-'09) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

2 hours

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Pre-Installation Notes:

Prefit Before Painting. Install new, unpainted parts according to these instructions. Then remove parts, paint them and re-install.

Painted or Altered Parts are Non-Refundable.

The surface temperature where the 3M 2-sided tape is contacting must cleaned with isopropyl alcohol and be a minimum of 75 degrees F for painted parts. If the part is not painted clean the surface with isopropyl alcohol and use the supplied packet of adhesion promoter. Follow the directions on the packet of adhesion promoter for proper application. Allow the 2-sided tape to dry 24 Hrs before driving.

Headlight Removal:

1. Installing the ram air box: Remove the air box from the car and take off the rubber boot from the air intake opening.

2. Using a reciprocating saw, you will need to cut a bigger opening in the stock air box to accommodate the Cervini ram air box. Lay the saw blade flat on the air box surface and cut into the air inlet as shown in Fig. A.

3. Use a grinder to level out the first three support ribs on the right side of the air box as shown in Fig. B.

4. There is a water drain hole located on the bottom of the air box. The drain hole must be enlarged to accommodate excessive water from the hood openings when it rains. Use a 1/2 ”drill bit to enlarge the hole as shown in Fig. C.

5. Use the supplied template to cut out a bigger opening for the ram air conversion component. Align the template with the second rib from the left of the air box and the bottom of the top lip as shown in Fig. D. To make it easier to cut out the new opening in the air box use a 3/8” drill bit to drill out the corners of the air box opening as indicated on the template. Use a saw to cut along the dotted line of the template. Drill the two screw holes in the indicated locations with an1/8” drill bit.

6. After the ram air box conversion component has been painted black, install it to the factory air box. Use two small black Phillips screws in the pre-drilled holes in the front of the air box. Drill two 1/8” holes in the back of the air box and install two more small black Phillips screws as shown in Fig. E.

7. Remove the bolt that holds the ABS pump bracket to the radiator support. Set the air box in place and reinstall the ABS bracket bolt and factory air box mounting hardware as shown in Fig. F. The six cylinder 4.0 mustang does not have the ABS pump on the radiator support. For these models, use the supplied nut, bolt, and washers.

8. Installing the ram air duct: Included in the hardware packet is a roll of 3M double sided tape. After the ram air duct has been painted, install the 3M double sided tape along the inside edge of the air duct that mounts to the bottom of the hood duct opening as shown in Fig. G. Mask off the outside of the air duct with 2” masking tape, leaving the inside portion of the air duct exposed. Scuff the inside surface with a gray scuff pad and paint it with flat black paint. Remove the red backing from the tape and install the air duct on the underside of the hood. Use masking tape to hold the air duct in place while installing the provided screws. Firmly press the edges of the duct to securely adhere the tape. (Tighten the screws with a screwdriver only. Using a powered screw driver will cause the holes to strip.)

9. Mount the Billet Aluminum Grate on the top of the Ram Air Box and secure it with the supplied small hex screws as shown in Fig. H.

Installation instructions provided by Cervini's

This guide applies to Vehicle years: 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and Submodels: Bullitt, V6, GT

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