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Challenger Rear Wings & Classic Muscle Car Styling

Challenger Rear Wings & Classic Muscle Car Styling

You’re on the open road in your Challenger. Windows down, enjoying the features and ride quality your modern muscle car has to offer. This drive couldn’t get better. That’s until you get passed by another Challenger—except this one is completely retro. Its early 70s look has you in awe. This is pure, classic muscle. From the aggressive stance to its hood scoop and deep growl, it’s everything you dream your car to be. Then your eye catches that classic spoiler stuck to its rear end. Yeah, that’s the look you want. The thing is, it doesn’t matter if you’re driving a third generation (2008-2018) Challenger; you can give your ride a bit of that look. That’s right, there are classic-styled aftermarket rear spoilers are available for your Challenger as well as other modern variations.

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Adding some flair to your Challenger can be a daunting task. Some body mods require permanent alterations, and no one wants to start cutting without being sure of what they're about to do. An aftermarket wing is one way to avoid all of the worry. Nine time out of ten, a wing won't require drilling, and you can nab some of that 70s styling for your modern Challenger.

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What is a Spoiler & is It Different than a Wing?

Most of the general population use these two terms interchangeably, even though their designs and functions are vastly different. In simple terms, a rear wing is shaped like that of an upside-down airplane wing, deflecting the passing air upwards to create downforce on the rear of the car. Let’s be clear about this: wings do not improve the aerodynamics of the vehicle—which is contradictive of what most think. In fact, wings create a considerable amount of aerodynamic drag, which results in improved traction at high speeds.

Features of a Wing:

  • Upside-down airplane wing shape
  • Creates downforce at the rear of the vehicle
  • Increases drag, slowing top speeds

A spoiler, on the other hand, will improve a car’s aerodynamics by pushing unfavorable airflow over the car to somewhere else, helping reduce drag and increase top speed. These pieces are often known as “air dams” and can be seen on high-performance race cars, such as those in the NASCAR series.

Features of a Spoiler:

  • An air dam that pushes away unfavorable airflow
  • Improves aerodynamics and efficiency

Which Challengers Came with Spoilers?

Almost every Challenger since 2008 has been sold off the showroom floor with a factory-installed rear decklid spoiler. There are a few exceptions though, including SXT and SXT Plus submodels. From the R/T package and up will include a factory spoiler.

Give your Third-Generation Challenger the Retro Look

If you’re into that classic look as much as we are, you’ll be happy to learn that companies like SpeedForm offer rear spoilers based upon the classic styling from the true muscle car era of the 1960’s and 1970’s.

The most iconic look is that of the Go Wing design, which was seen on a variety of classic cars in the 70s. The slight hint of retro styling will complement the modern look of your third-generation Challenger, giving it a unique appearance that will turn heads.

Appearance or Function – How About a Rear Spoiler with Both?

Of course, fitting your Challenger with an aftermarket spoiler—whether it be based off a Go Wing or current OEM replacement—will add some flare to its rear end. In fact, you could even paint them before installing to either match the body or add accent colors to the design.

Missing a modern spoiler from an accident or just because your Challenger didn’t roll off the lot with one? There are several spoilers on the market that act as a direct OEM replacement or addition.

Though, it’s not always just about styling. In fact, most spoilers can and will improve the efficiency of your car. As previously mentioned, a spoiler’s job is to disturb pockets of unfavorable airflow and push them elsewhere, improving aerodynamics. Not only will this help increase top speed, but will also play favors to your Challenger’s fuel economy.

Appearance benefits:

  • Aftermarket retro styling
  • Direct OEM replacement

Function benefits:

  • Increased aerodynamics positively impact top speed and fuel economy figures

Aftermarket Spoilers – What are they made of?

For coming in at just over $100, you might think that aftermarket rear spoilers are flimsy and easy to break. The fact is that most are constructed of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) plastic, which is incredibly strong and durable for its low weight. It’s also easily paintable and resists the cracking and chipping that fiberglass units suffer from.

In comparison to carbon fiber material, ABS plastic isn’t far behind. In fact, it trumps carbon in a few areas, especially cost. Carbon fiber is a premium material, meaning that it comes with a hefty price tag. By choosing ABS plastic instead, you might miss out on the carbon wow factor, but you’ll save a considerable amount of cash and have a spoiler that’s as equally functional.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) Plastic benefits:

  • Extremely low weight
  • Durable to road conditions
  • Easy to paint 
  • Inexpensive material

Installing an Aftermarket Rear Spoiler to your Challenger

While it’s recommended that all body parts should be installed by a shop or expert, aftermarket rear spoilers come to your door nearly ready to slap on. That said, they do typically ship unpainted and need finishing before fitment takes place.

OEM replacement units are most often designed to use the existing drilled holes from the spoiler originally sold with the Challenger. If the car was sold without a spoiler, a spoiler kit comes packed with instructions and template for drilling, as well as required hardware and bonding tape. Installation usually takes about two hours for a trained professional.

Fitment includes: 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, SRT-8, RT, SE, SXT, RallyeRedline, ScatPack, Hellcat, GT, TA, Demon