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How to Install a Chrome EGR Valve Cover on your 1994-2004 Mustang GT

Installation Time

5 minutes


1999-2004 Mustang 16-Valve or 32-Valve Engines


This chrome-plated EGR cover simply slips over the existing original EGR valve. Do NOT remove the original valve!

INSTRUCTIONS - Be sure the engine is off and cool.

Locate the EGR valve at the top of the engine. Carefully clean and dry the original EGR valve. Notice the small vacuum line into the top of the EGR valve. Carefully undo this vacuum line from the EGR valve.

Trial fit the new cover onto the EGR valve. It should fit snug. If the cover is loose, we recommend you put a small piece of masking tape 6n the outer lip of the EGR valve, so it will stay secure. Check the chrome cover for fit again, as you want it to seat snug.

If it is not snug, use a little more masking tape to tighten it up. Once installed, the. chrome cover will stay in position.

Once snug, re-attach the vacuum line, which will also help rold the cover in place. Since this chrome cover is made in metal, you can use a damp cloth, window cleaner or mild chrome polish to clean and shine it when necessary.