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How to Install C & L Short Ram Air Intake w/ 85mm MAF on your Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • 5/16” wrench
  • 10mm wrench
  • Screw Driver to put Torx Bit into
American Muscle
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*Note: this can only work on 03-04 Mach1, I took off the MAF housing, but you do not have to, all you have to do is take the air box off the intake tube then reattach the new MAF housing to intake tube.

Removal Procedure:

1. Remove the negative battery terminal. Use 5/16” wrench to remove cable from battery. You may have to use a different wrench if you have a different setup on your battery terminals.​

2. Check shaker hose, intake tube, and Mass Air Flow sensor wires/connections.

3. Remove bolt holding air box to inside of car with 5/16” wrench, remove shaker hose, and unplug MAF wire to MAF sensor.

4. Remove intake tube and air box, make sure you also take off Positive Crankcase Ventilation hose near the throttle body and top of intake tube.

5. Take apart intake tube, MAF sensor and air box. You remove the air box from the intake tube then use Torx bit with screw driver to take out MAF sensor from old air box and old MAF housing.

*Note: I took off 4 bolts from air box to old MAF housing, this is not a necessary task, and I just did it and will show you the 4 bolts to remove from old housing. You use the 10mm wrench to remove the 4 bolts.

6. Check MAF sensor to make sure it is not damaged, if so you would need to order a new one or have a new one already there for you to install instead of the broken one.

7. Now you will assemble the air filter to new 85mm MAF housing, then you will attach the new filter and housing to the intake tube.

8. You need to now put in the fully connected air intake tube, new MAF housing and filter into engine compartment. Then attach intake tube to Throttle body and reconnect MAF sensor wire to MAF. Also make sure you reattach the PCV hose to top of the intake tube.

9. Now we will attach heat shield given in product box over the new air filter. Now that has been done we will reattach the shaker hose to the heat shield. Use 5/16” wrench to reattach bolt to inside of car for heat shield.

10. Now check all of your work and make sure you have everything connected correctly and no missing hoses or missing wires.

11. Reattach negative battery cable to battery with 5/16” wrench.

12. Finally we will need to start the car to listen to make sure there are no noises or leaks of any sort; if you are good then you are finished with install. If not, then you will need to check to make sure you attached the MAF wire back to MAF sensor, reattached PCV hose to inlet on intake tube, also no loose connections on the clamp connecting intake tube to Throttle body, clamp connecting intake tube to MAF housing and also clamp connecting to air filter to new 85mm MAF housing. Once all of these are checked you should be good, then continue to listen and make sure no more noises or leaks.

13. Finished product complete install

Note: It is recommended to tune your engine with a Bama tuner from American Muscle, but it is not required for the cold air intake to properly function. It just improves performance of the cold air intake to the mustang itself. I bought this tuner and I also get free tunes for life for the rest of my cars owner ship. This is an older model, but you can still get a new tuner and it would still work the same way.

Installation Guide created by AM customer Jimi Ogletree on 03/16/17

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