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How to Install Spectre Performance Cold Air Intake - Polished on your Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

American Muscle
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This package has been dyno tested to improve performance by an average of 23 Rear Wheel horsepower on a completely stock vehicle. (NOTE: When used with other upgrades, such as exhaust components, a special computer upgrade is not necessary. If you change the supercharger pulley for additional boost, we recommend that you use a dyno proven computer module for your application, and it MAY be necessary to use a custom tuned (tested) program, depending on the computer chip manufacturer and how aggressive the air/fuel ratio of their chips are tuned.)

Step 1. Remove the factory air filter and meter assembly. Loosen the hose clamp behind the air meter all the way out. Next, use a socket wrench to remove the bolt that holds the air filter assembly to the body. Save this bolt; it will be used later to secure the new air filter shield. There is a 4-wire connector that plugs into the top of the mass air flow housing, and it must be disconnected for removal. Squeeze the two thin tabs on the underside of the connector and pull the harness directly away from the electronics module. On the side of the air filter assembly that goes into the fender well, you will see a rubber inlet hose that protrudes into the fender well. In order to remove the air filter assembly, you will have to separate this rubber boot from the bullet shaped air filter box. Do this by pushing down and inward towards the center of the tube. Once this boot has been separated from the air filter box, you will be able to lift up on the air filter housing and remove the entire assembly from the stock rubber air inlet tube. Remove the rubber boot from the fender well for storage with your stock air filter and meter assembly.

Step 2. Use the supplied tamper proof T20 torx bit to remove the factory electronic sensor from the top of the original Ford air meter. Lift the sensor straight up out of the housing, and you will note that it is sealed by a large rubber o-ring that runs around the underside of the sensor. Transfer the electronics module over to our new 95mm housing, making sure that the o-ring seats in place for a good seal, and tighten with the original tamper proof screws.

Step 3. Secure the supplied K&N air filter directly to the front of the new 95mm unit. (The front of the unit is the side that has a longer mounting flange, as the end with the shorter mounting flange attaches to the stock rubber inlet hose.) Once the air filter is attached, you may lower the air meter and filter together into the vehicle, then re-connect the wiring harness to the sensor and slide the back side of the air meter into the rubber air inlet tube. Secure the tube to the back of the air meter by tightening the hose clamp.

Step 4. Cover the air filter assembly with the supplied custom heat shield. This shield attaches to the fender using the same bolt and bolt hole location that the factory air filter assembly used. Towards the rear of the filter assembly, the shield will squeeze between the aluminum air conditioning line and the largest part of the air filter. The front outside corner of the filter (which has a notch in it) will tuck under the corner of the body behind the passenger headlight assembly. The lower edge of the shield will tuck behind the frame rail lip that protrudes up approximately 1” and the back of the shield will drape over the back side of the top of the air filter once everything is in place. Once everything is lined up, the shield will fit securely. Installation is now complete.

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