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How to Install C & L Racer Cold Air Intake on your Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • 10mm socket & wrench
  • Allen key/star key
American Muscle
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1) Begin by removing the engine cover, firmly pull at each corner until it pops out.

2) Remove stock air housing bolt with 10mm socket.

3) Loosen the hose clamp screw holding the stock intake to the throttle body.

4) Remove hoses from stock intake by pushing on the black pins and pulling, rotate the grey clip and pull, use pliers to remove the sound tube clamp.

5) Detach clip holding MAF sensor wire from stock air box.

6) Disconnect MAF sensor by pulling on red clip and using a star key unscrew the MAF sensor screws and gently remove the sensor (note the orientation of the sensor when inserting into new cold air intake).

7) Using a flathead screwdriver, remove clamp from other side of sound tube and remove the tube.

8) Remove the stock intake by wiggling it out from the throttle body and pulling it out from its location.

9) Assemble the air box with provided screws and washers by using an Allen key.

10) Assemble the intake tube by inserting the rubber seals first followed by the metal grommets, attach air hose but do not tighten the speed clamps, and attach the rubber couplers to each side of the intake tube. (*You must insert the inner plastic coupler inside the intake tube if using stock tune*)

11) Insert MAF sensor into the new intake tube and tighten provided screws with an Allen key (*Make sure the orientation is the same as it was on the old intake*).

12) Attach intake tube to air box and connect to throttle body (you may have to wiggle it around a bit for it to align with the engine bay and throttle body).

13) Attach remaining hose clamps and tighten, attach air filter and tighten clamp, screw bolt from stock air box to new air box to secure it in place, connect MAF sensor and holding clip to air box.

14) Connect all hoses to intake tube and connect air hose using speed clamps.

15) Attach air box cover using provided screws and washers with an Allen key.

16) Put engine cover back on by pushing it into its clips.

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