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C&L Cold Air Intake ('03-'04 Mach 1) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

60 minutes

Tools Required
  • Flat Head Screwdriver (large)
  • Socket Wrench
  • 1/4" Socket
  • 5/16 Socket
  • 3/8 Socket
  • Socket extensions
  • Torx screw bit included in the kit
American Muscle
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1. Begin by using a flat head screwdriver to loosen the clamp connecting the factory inlet piping to the throttle body.

2. Next, continue to loosen the clamp connecting the inlet piping to the factory MAF harness.

3. When you have loosened the two clamps, the Mass Air Flow sensor is ready to be removed. Use the torx screw bit included with the kit. Attach it to the ¼” socket, and then to the socket wrench to remove the screws. Then carefully lift theme sensor out of the harness and place a side in a safe place. Hint: use a tray or bowl to keep all the pieces together!

4. Then, use the 3/8 socket to remove the 4 screws connecting the MAF harness to the factory Filter Cone.

5. Now you are ready to remove the housing of the factory filter. Start by disconnecting the bracket around the housing by pulling on the lever.

6. Then continue to remove the screws holding the housing unit to the side of the fender with a 5/16 socket. Lastly disconnect the section of tubing going from the filter housing to the shaker hood as shown.

7. You have completed the removal of the factory air intake, and now simply pull out all the parts starting from the inlet pipe down to the filter cone housing!

Installation of Cold Air Intake

1. This process requires you to completely construct the C & L cold air intake outside the engine compartment, rather than putting it together piece by piece.

2. Begin by placing the blue rubber hose connectors, and metal clamps over the inlet piping. Put the larger rubber hose over the end that will connect to the throttle body, and the smaller rubber hose on the end that will connect to the MAF harness.

3. Next, connect the Mass Air Flow harness to the lower end of the inlet pipe by sliding it into the rubber hose. Make sure that there is contact between the inlet piping and harness. Then slide the rubber hose as close as possible to the harness, and proceed by tightening the metal clamps snug with a flat head screwdriver.

4. Then, attach the filter to the MAF harness securely with the metal clamp, this because there is no need for future adjustments. When finished it should like exactly like the picture shown above.

5. After completing the construction of your cold air intake place the entire kit into the same position of your stock factory intake. Make sure to push the inlet pipe firmly against the throttle body and tighten the clamps with a flat head screwdriver.

6. While installing the inlet pipe you will notice a black rubber EGR hose on your engine. This will need to be reconnected to the small inlet about halfway down the inlet pipe. It may be necessary to rotate the black hose to fit properly.

7. The MAF harness should be snug so you can rotate it to line up like as shown in the previous picture. Align the harness so the Mass Air Flow sensor will drop straight down, and tighten the clamps with a flat head screwdriver.

8. Then carefully place the MAF sensor into the harness and use the torx bit in the ¼” socket to tighten down the original torx screws.

9. Afterwards I placed the heat shield over the filter cone, and reuse the existing screw from the side fender to connect the heat shield with the 5/16 socket.

10. The next step is to reconnect the small portion of incoming piping from the shaker hood to the heat shield by snapping it together.

11. Congratulations!!! You have completed the installation of the C & L cold air intake kit. If all goes well it should take less than an hour to install. Do not expect instant horsepower gains, and a noticeable difference. It took my car about a good half hour worth of driving before the Mass Air Flow sensor adjusted to the modification.

12. FYI- I installed a Magnaflow Catback Exhaust System for my Mach 1 along with the C&L Cold Air Intake. Both of these modifications complement each other for a noticeable difference in sound and power.

Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer Colin Coplai 3.18.10

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