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Cobra Blower Belt Tensioner (03-'04) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

60 minutes

American Muscle
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1. First remove the factory supercharger pulley cover. Remove the 10mm nut at the top of the cover. Next remove the two 8mm bolts at the bottom of the cover, see picture #1. Remove the cover. This cover will not be reused.

2. Once the cover is removed you need to remove the belt. Use a 1/2" socket drive on the factory belt tensioner to unload the tension on the belt, see picture #2.

3. With the belt removed you can now access the 10mm bolt that attaches to the timing cover, see picture #3, remove the bolt.

4. You can now mount the Steeda Idler Bracket with the supplied hardware. Position the bracket in the location of the two bolts you removed on the timing cover, see picture #3. Use the supplied 10mm bolt and washer to bolt the bracket down to the timing cover, see picture #4. Then use the supplied 13mm bolt and washer to bolt the brackets to the timing cover horizontally.‚Äč

5. With the bracket mounted you can install the supplied idler. Use the supplied 14mm bolt and washer and bolt the pulley to the bracket. Make sure that the pulley is flush against the bracket and it is inline with the other pulleys.

6. Finally, use a 1/2" socket drive on the factory belt tensioner and reinstall the belt, see picture #5. Make sure the belt is installed correctly, see picture #6. Start motor and make sure the belt and pulley are aligned properly.

Installation instructions provided by Steeda

This guide applies to Vehicle years: 2003, 2004 and Submodels: Cobra