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How to Install a Moroso Competition Engineering Driveshaft Safety Loop on your 2005-2010 Mustang GT

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • 14mm ratchet wrench
  • 15mm, 16mm & 18mm deep socket
  • Ratchet
  • Extensions
  • ½ Drive Breaker Bar
American Muscle
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1. Check your package to make sure it contains everything below. 

2. Here is another picture with the nuts and bolts organized. 

3. Get your car on jack stands and level. 

4. Locate the 2 18mm bolts on either side of the transmission mount. Use a breaker bar to get them loose. Then place a jack under the transmission so that when you remove these bolts the weight of the transmission will not put unwanted stress on the driveshaft and motor mounts. (Pictures Below). 

5. Finish taking out the bolts, and the support mount will be held up by the exhaust hangers. Because the jack is supporting the transmission there is no worries here.

6. Now fit the “Competition Engineering Safety Loop” into place. It will take some fines to get it to fit on some H, and X pipes. Mine was a little bit of a pain but a few minutes and some patience and it will go on. 

7. Now tighten the bolts back into the transmission mount brace using the bolts provided. ** Make sure to use the big washers on each bolt.

8. Now its time to position the top part of the safety loop. Face it in the same direction as the bottom part and rotate around the driveshaft (pictured below) 

9. Now its time to position the 4 bolts, washers and nuts in place. **DO NOT place these facing inwards. It would be too close to the driveshaft. This makes me uneasy, and so face them outwards. You WILL need a 14mm wrench. Ratchet Wrench is recommended for faster install but a regular wrench will get the job done. 

10. The proper way to fit these bolts is in the picture below. This is the BEST way and safest. 

11. The proper way to fit these bolts is in the picture below. This is the BEST way and safest. Once everything is tightened this is the way it should look. 

12. Now place the plastic end caps in the tubes at the engine side of the safety loop. 

13. Your done! Now check over everything to make sure its tight and good to go. Lower the transmission jack and then lower the car. Take it for a test drive and make sure everything is good to go, enjoy!

Installation instructions Written by AmericanMuscle Customer Corey Benoit 10/23/2013 

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