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Mustang Convertible Rear Seat Delete Kit ('83-'93) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

2 hours

American Muscle
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Factory Seat Removal:

1. Open your convertible top to give yourself as much room as possible to work. Carefully remove your existing rear seat and seat back. Once they are out, take the time to vacuum any dirt, loose screws, and junk that may have accumulated over the years. At this stage take a look at the two bolts that are exposed on the center hump near the seat back. You will be using these bolts to center and brace section #3 of the rear seat delete.

2. Take section #1 (the lower trim piece) and lay it on the floor with the carpet side facing down. You will see one side is arched and the other is straight. It is now time to install the "L" brackets to the straight side. Two “L" brackets will be placed about three inches from each end. The third “L" bracket will be placed in the center above the arch. Make sure that the “L" brackets do not extend beyond the opposite side into the arch. If they do, they may be visible after installation.

3. Now lay section #2 (the seat section) on the floor, carpet side facing down. You will notice two straight parallel sides. The shorter side will go to the seat back and has two hinges attached to the under side. Section #1 with the "L" brackets will be attached to the longer side of section #2. Take section #1 and place it on the long side of section #2. Align section #1 so it is even with section #2 at both ends. Screw down the WL" brackets to section #2 making sure the outside edge remains flush as you go. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREWS.

4. Section #3 is the seat back. Lay it flat with the carpet side up. This section should be labeled top and bottom on the back side. You will now take the connected sections #1 and #2 and screw them to the seat back. The hinges that are attached to the opposite side of section #2 will be screwed into section #3 one inch up from the bottom. The kit is now joined together and ready for placement.

5. This stage can be done with one person, but having a second set of hands may be helpful. With the factory seats out, carefully lift the kit into position. Angle the passenger side of the kit into the passenger side corners. The seat back will fold slightly. Don't over extend it or you could pop the screw out. Lift the bottom of the seat back and place it between the two bolts on the hump. Now slowly wedge the driver's side in place. It will be tight getting it around the elbow rest, but it will go. This tightness gives the kit a snug fit and reduces rattle.

6. Now that both sides are behind the elbow rests, it is time to secure the top of the seat back. You will gently be wedging the seat back under the slotted bar on the factory seat back. The slotted bar is the same that secures the cover when the convertible top is down. To wedge the seat back under the slotted bar, start on one side and gently push it back as you work your way across the bar. Your Mustang CONVERTIBLE Rear Seat Delete Kit is now securely in place..

Installation instructions provided by MMR

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