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How to Install Corsa Touring 3 in. Axle-Back Exhaust - Fastback - Polished Quad Tips on your Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • 3/8” drive ratchet
  • 3/8” drive torque wrench
  • 3/8” drive 13mm socket
  • 3/8” drive 15mm deep socket
  • Tape measure & Marker
  • Saw or chain-style pipe cutter
  • File or sanding device for de-burring
  • Grommet pullers
  • Soap and water solution
  • Torque Wrench
  • Penetrating lubricant spray
  • Safety glasses
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For Full-Color Installation Instructions, Please Visit: 

CORSAPERFORMANCE.COM and Search by Part Number

Please be sure to review the enclosed instructions prior to beginning the installation process. If you have any questions about the enclosed parts, instructions or encounter a problem during installation:

Please take time to read and understand these installation instructions.

CORSA recommends that the installation of this system be performed by a qualified service center or professional muffler installer who has the necessary equipment, tools and experienced personnel. However, if you decide to perform this install, the use of a hoist and an additional person will be required.

CAUTION: Never work on a hot exhaust system. Allow time for the vehicle to cool. Always wear eye protection when working under a vehicle.

Please confirm that all parts are present before beginning the factory exhaust system removal and CORSA exhaust system installation.

Factory Exhaust System Removal:

1. Starting on the driver side, measure 19 ¾” away from the flange on the stock resonator, following the outside profile of the exhaust pipe. The tape measure should follow the bend profile of the pipe. (Fig. A & B) Next, measure 20” away from the flange on the stock resonator, following the outside profile of the exhaust pipe of the passenger side. (Fig C) Using a chain cutter or similar device, cut both the driver and passenger side exhaust pipes at the marked locations. (Fig D) Place a jack stand or similar device under the stock tunnel section of the exhaust for support. Once the axle pipes are cut, there are no additional stock hangers supporting the tunnel section.

2. Using a 3/8” drive ratchet and 13mm socket, remove the bolt holding down the driver side hanger grommet assembly. (Fig E) Once the bolt is removed, push up slightly on the exhaust and slide the hanger grommet assembly rearward to free it from the rear suspension sub-frame. Rotate the hanger grommet assembly a minimum of 90° so that it will not interfere with the rear suspension sub-frame. (Fig F) Place the bolt in a safe location as it will be reused during the installation of the Corsa axle back exhaust system.

3. Lower the cut end of the driver side muffler assembly just enough to create clearance between the pipe and any suspension components. Slide the whole muffler assembly forward to remove the rear muffler hanger from the hanger grommet. (Fig G) The driver muffler assembly will not be free from the vehicle.

NOTE: The use of a soap and water solution may aid in the removal of the hanger grommets.

4. The passenger side muffler assembly is removed mimicking above steps #2 and #3 for the passenger side. (Fig H)

5. Remove both the driver and passenger side hanger grommet assemblies from the rear mufflers using grommet pullers or a similar device. (Fig I & J) Set the hanger grommet assemblies aside, in a safe location, as they will be re-used for the installation of the Corsa axle back exhaust system. 

6. IMPORTANT: Carefully and thoroughly de-burr the stock tunnel muffler (resonator) outlet pipes from any burrs and sharp edges. This is important as any burrs will prevent the stock to axle-back adapters from sliding over the stock exhaust pipes. This concludes the factory exhaust system removal.

Factory Exhaust System Removal Pictures:

Fig. A

Fig. B

Fig. C

Fig. D

Fig. E

Fig. F

Fig. G

Fig. H

Fig. I

Fig. J

Installation of CORSA Exhaust System:

NOTE: Apply the anti-seize lubricant (supplied) to the threads ONLY of all the clamps and flange bolts. Failure to follow this procedure can cause nuts to seize on clamps and potentially destroy threads. After applying anti-seize lubricant, be sure to thoroughly clean your hands, as lubricant will tarnish stainless steel. All clamps should be tightened using a properly calibrated Torque Wrench. Using an air impact gun will damage the clamp and reduce its ability to effectively seal the joint. It may also cause the joint to separate, thereby causing damage to your exhaust system and to your vehicle. 

NOTE: Align all clamps so that the center of the clamp bolt is 90 degrees from the notch in the pipe. (See Fig. CLAMP)

1. Remove all exhaust system components from the shipping boxes, including clamps and hardware.

2. Locate the two tunnel outlet adapters, along with two 2 ½“ clamps. Install the clamps on the 2 ½“ end of the adapter so that the bolt is vertical with the nut towards the ground and the bolt is towards the inside of the vehicle. Slide the adapters over the factory tunnel muffler outlet pipes, and tighten the clamps using the ratchet and 15mm deep socket, until the adapters are snug on the pipes. (Fig. K, L, & M) The notches on the 2 ½“ end of the adapters should be parallel to the ground. Do NOT over tighten the clamps as this may oval the 3” end of the adapter, making further installation more difficult.

3. Locate the passenger side hanger grommet assembly removed during step #5 of the stock exhaust removal process along with the passenger side muffler assembly. Install the hanger grommet assembly onto the front hanger of the muffler assembly in the same position as previously installed on the stock exhaust. (Fig. N)

NOTE: The use of a soap and water solution may aid in the installation of hanger grommets.

4. Locate one 3” clamp. Install the clamp on the passenger side muffler inlet pipe so that the bolt is vertical with the nut towards the ground and the bolt is towards the inside of the vehicle. (Fig. O) Slide the rear hanger into the rear hanger grommet located on the vehicle above and just inside of the passenger side tip cut out. (Fig. P) Next, slide the muffler inlet pipe over the passenger side adapter. (Fig. Q)

NOTE: The use of a soap and water solution may aid in the installation of hanger grommets.

5. Locate the 13mm bolt removed during step #2 of the stock exhaust removal process. Install the front passenger hanger grommet assembly onto the rear suspension sub-frame and tighten it down with the 13mm bolt, 3/8” ratchet and 13mm socket. (Fig. R)

6. Tighten the clamp connecting the passenger muffler inlet pipe to the 3” adapter using the ratchet and 15mm deep socket until muffler assembly is snug on the adapter. (Fig. S)

7. Repeat steps #3-#6 on the driver side of the vehicle.

8. Locate the passenger rear tip assembly and one 3” clamp. Install the clamp on the tip inlet pipe so that the bolt is horizontal with the nut towards the inside of the vehicle and the bolt towards the top. Slide the tip assembly over the muffler outlet pipe and tighten the clamp using the ratchet and 15mm deep socket until the tip assembly is snug on the muffler outlet pipe. (Fig. T & U) Repeat this process for the driver side tip assembly

NOTE: A premium package equipped Mustang with an installed Roush rear valance is required to install the quad tip assemblies (PN 14335 and 14337).

9. Adjust the system accordingly, including the adapter overlap on the stock exhaust, the rear muffler depth and rotation, along with the tip depth and rotation so that the tips are centered in the bumper valence. Rotate the tips so that the Corsa etch is on top with the tip rotation matching the slanted tip cut out of the valance. (Fig. V) Check the position of all hangers to make sure they are properly seated within their corresponding grommets. Check clearances between the system components and chassis. At this time, tighten all clamps to 45ft-lbs using the torque wrench and 15mm socket.

NOTE: During cold weather start-ups, you may experience an exhaust sound that is deeper and louder in tone than usual. This is temporary and will diminish to normal levels once your engine has reached its normal operating temperature.

NOTE: Immediately following the installation of your exhaust system, you may experience a trace of smoke after initial start-up. DO NOT be alarmed. The smoke is caused by the burning of a small amount of forming oil residue used in the manufacturing process.

CORSA Installation Pictures

Fig. K

Fig. L

Fig. M

Fig. N

Fig. O

Fig. P

Fig. Q

Fig. R

Fig. S

Fig. T

Fig. U

Fig. V