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How to install SHR Lower Grille Inserts on your 2007-2009 Mustang

Installation Time

15 minutes

Tools Required
  • Small, flat screwdriver (optional)
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Thank you for your purchase of SilverHorse Racing products. Please read all directions before beginning installation. A factory shop manual should be available for reference during installation. If, after reading these and any accompanying directions, you feel that you may not be able to complete the installation safely and properly, please seek out professional installation by certified technicians. Please read and understand our product purchase agreement (included on yellow sheet) prior to starting installation. Vehicle should be off with key removed from ignition and in park with parking brake set prior to beginning installation.

1. Start with a clean, freshly washed front bumper for best results.

2. Reach inside the bottom of the front bumper and locate the arrow-shaped push clips that retain the left and right side OEM honeycomb panels in place. There will be four per side. Unclip the inner two clips closest to the grill opening on both sides, allowing the panels to pivot outward while remaining attached to the bumper at the outer edges by the other two clips. On most cars, this can be done by hand, but sometimes a small flat screwdriver will be required to help unlock the bumper from the clip, allowing it to release.

3. Grasp the new lower grill insert, and with the text engraving facing upward and towards the car, (the V-shape will be pointing forward away from the car toward you) slide one end in behind one of the existing honeycomb panels but forward of the urethane bumper. Go slightly past center, until the other side clears the other existing side panel, and then slide that side in behind the other side panel, sliding the grill back towards center.

4. With the grill centered and captured behind the OEM side panels and in front of the urethane bumper while aligned with the vertical posts on either side, gently hold back up against bumper while re-engaging the clips that hold the side panels in place. The new lower grill is now captured by the side panels and your installation is complete!