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How To Install a CTEK 4.3 Multi-Purpose Battery Charger on Your 1979-2014 Mustang

Installation Time

30 minutes

Tools Required
  • 5/16 inch Wrench
  • Battery Post Terminal Cleaner (optional)
  • Cable Ties
  • Side Cutting Pliers

Installation Instructions:

1. Open hood and locate battery terminals.

2. Loosen Positive ( ) battery terminal nut using a 5/16 wrench.

3. Then proceed to loosen Negative (-) battery terminal.

4. If corrosion is present on terminals, clean using a battery post and terminal cleaner. If brush isn’t available you may use some light 120 grit sandpaper to remove any deposits.

5. Attach Positive ( ) eyelet to Positive terminal and hand tighten only.

6. Attach Negative (-) eyelet to Negative terminal and hand tighten only.

7. Choose a safe place away from heat and moving parts to attach CTEK Charger module. Attach zip ties loosely so adjustments can be made.

8. Once satisfied with placement of wiring, tighten both terminal posts nuts to 11 ft. lbs.

9. Tighten all zip ties and using side pliers cut away any extra zip tip ends.

Charging Instructions:

1. Place CTEK 4.3 Multi-Purpose Charger inside engine compartment.

2. Remove protective cover from charger module and connect charging cable.

3. Connect Charger to 110V outlet or 18 Gauge electrical extension cable.

4. Select charging mode for battery application intended for using “Mode Button.”

5. Once the battery reached STEP (4) it has been charged to 80% and the vehicle may be started after the CTEK charger is removed. Allowing the charger to reach STEP (7) will result in a 100% fully charged battery. While in STEP 7 charger will float 13.6V until unplugged.

CTEK Charging Program & Steps :

Please review attached CTEK charging guides below or in user manual before charging any battery.

Installation Instructions Written By AmericanMuscle Customer Ryan Maguire 12/12/2013