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Custom Cut Window Tint Kit - ('94-'04 Coupe & Convertible) - Installation Instructions

Tools Required
  • Supplied Tool Kit
  • Heat Gun
  • Spray Bottle
  • Ammonia-Free Glass Cleaner



Fill spray bottle with water, mixing in a few drops of baby shampoo. This helps with lubricity without affecting the tint. You can alternatively use dish soap if that is all that’s available to you. Thoroughly clean all windows to be tinted with ammonia-free glass cleaner, inside and out. Also clean the rubber belt moldings on the outside of the two front windows.

Installation (Front Power Window):

1. Begin by soaking the outside of the window with the shampoo/water solution in your spray bottle.

2. Peel the backing film from the tint and lay the tint on the outside of the window, adhesive side out. This is to have the tint in ready position when you are ready to position it in the inside of the window.

3. Soak the inside of the window in the shampoo/water solution and place the tint on the inside of the window. Position the tint so there is approximately 1/16” of glass showing at the top as shown below.

4. When the tint is properly positioned, use the supplied plastic squeegee to carefully push any air bubbles toward the edges as shown. This secures the top half of the tint to the window before moving to Step 5.

5. Using one of the supplied stuffer tools (whichever one fits your application the best), carefully tuck the tint into the rubber window trim as shown.

6. Once the tint is fully secured under the rubber trim, use the squeegee to push out any remaining air bubbles. Be sure to use plenty of solution to keep the surface well lubricated so as not to wrinkle the tint.

Installation (Quarter Windows):

1. Soak the inside of the quarter window with the shampoo/water solution.

2. Carefully peel the backing film from the tint and position the tint on the quarter window.

3. When the tint is properly positioned on the window, use the squeegee to push out any remaining air bubbles as shown.

Installation (Rear Window):

1. Begin by laying the rear window tint over the rear window with the backing out. If necessary, trim any excess backing film from the edges of the tint. Use the squeegee to spread the tint as evenly as possible over the rear window pushing towards the edges.

2. Using a heat gun, heat the tint until it begins to slightly wrinkle while pushing it to the edges with the squeegee, forming the tint to the rear window. Start from the center of the window working outwards and downwards. Apply heat cautiously until you get a feel for how the tint reacts to the heat. Too much heat and you could wrinkle the tint beyond repair, too little could yield little to no results.

3. Once the tint is fully formed to the shape of the rear window, peel the backing away while soaking the tint with the shampoo/water solution as shown. Also soak the inside of the rear window at this point.

4. Note - It may be helpful to have an extra set of hands for this next step.Once the window and tint are thoroughly soaked in the solution, place it on the inside of the rear window. Use the bottom of the window as a reference point as you will be applying a strip of vinyl at the top of the window. This is because the tint film will not adhere properly to the “dots” at the top of the rear window. If you have a defroster in your rear window, use the supplied knife to cut-out the tint for the defrosters on either side of the window. Once the tint is properly positioned, use the squeegee to push any air bubbles out of the edges.

5. After the tint has dried on the rear window (a few Hrs should be sufficient), soak the vinyl strip and the top of the rear window in the shampoo/water solution and place the vinyl strip on the inside of the rear window. Be sure to overlap the tint by at least 1/2” as this will help keep the tint from peeling away from the window. Once the vinyl strip is in position, use the squeegee to force any air bubbles out of the edges.

6. Once all of the air bubbles are removed, spray the shampoo/water solution over the adhesive backing on the vinyl (this will help when peeling the backing away from the vinyl). It is best to let the vinyl strip dry and fully adhere to the window before removing the backing. Since it is not visible from the outside of the vehicle, it is recommended to wait at least one full day before peeling the backing from the vinyl strip.

7. At this point the installation of your window tint is complete. Give the tint 2-3 days (depending on climate) to fully dry and adhere to the window surfaces. Do not open your front power windows for at least 2 full days after the installation, this could possibly damage the tint if opened too soon. Always use ammonia-free glass cleaner when cleaning your window tint.

Installation instructions provided by Manufacturer

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