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How to Install a Dash Gauge Pod on your 2005-2009 Mustang


Wiring Your Gauges

These instructions cover the installation of this product on the center of your Mustang’s dashboard. Due to the many different manufacturers of gauges and numerous monitored functions; Speed of Sound LLC can neither advise nor assume responsibility for the wiring aspects of this installation. Consult your gauge manufacturer’s provided instructions for best results in wiring your chosen applications. Due to the location of this installation and the limited access for wiring, we recommend you consider professional installation unless you feel the task is well within your ability. This is not a first-timer DIY project, so please take your time and use great care if you choose to tackle the install yourself.

Mounting the Gauge Pod Assembly

Once your wiring is complete, the easiest part is now at hand.

Center the gauge pod on the dash board, and use the two mounting hooks to grab the CENTER row of your defrost vent. The hooks will grab firmly, and will allow some degree of lateral movement so you may easily center the part with great accuracy.

Lift the panel in order to locate the protective film (red in color) from the double-sided adhesive points near the front of the gauge pod. Note the location where the tape will contact the dashboard. Be sure to remove any Armor All or similar material, which will impede the quality of the tape bond.

Final Mounting of the Gauge Pod Assembly

Once the wiring is complete and the dash is thoroughly cleaned, it’s time to stick the panel down for good. Remove the red protective film from the tape, but do not let it stick to the dash.

First, secure the mounting hooks to the center row of the defrost vent. Keep the tape elevated from the dash while you position the gauge pod in the center. A helpful reference point is a small identification marker on the center of the windshield. Align this point with the center “row” of the gauge pods body.

Once on center, pull the gauge panel toward you while lowering the front of the panel towards the dash. The hooks seated firmly, press the front edge to the dashboard’s surface. Press for 10-20 seconds to ensure the tape makes a solid bond.

Once firmly mounted, your installation is complete.

Clean your gauge pods with damp cloth. Maintain a clean, dust-free finish with compressed air or a soft bristle brush.

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Thank you for choosing this Speed of Sound LLC product, we hope you enjoy it!

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