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How To Install a Door Lock Actuator Motor – RH/LH for your 1979-1993

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • Phillips Screw Driver
  • 3/8 socket with an extension
  • Socket wrench
  • Rivet Gun
  • Drill or Grinder
American Muscle
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Materials in the box 

-Actuator Motor 
-Assorted hooks 

Installation Instructions 

1. Place the car in park or 1st gear and put the E-brake on. 

2. Use a Phillips screw driver to remove the screw from the inside mirror protector. 

3. Remove the plastic piece from around the door handle with the phillips screw driver. 

4. Using the phillips screw driver remove the screw at the top and backend of the door arm rest. 

5. Remove the cover on the arm rest that protect the arm rest bolts. Then using a 3/8 inch socket remove the two blots from the middle of the doors arm rest. 

6. You should not need to disconnect the wires for your lock and windows. Just pull the arm rest out and down and it should just hang there. 

7. Remove the front speaker cover and the screws holding in the speaker and disconnect it from the speaker wires. 

8. You will then will need to remove the door panel. It is held in with the plastic push pins. If you pull straight back they should come right now. Be careful not to damage them or you will need to replace them. 

9. Using a drill or grinder tool remove the rivet from the door holding the actuator motor on. 

10. You should be able to get your hand in the door frame opening and see the old actuator and pull it out. It will have a hook that runs through a metal piece that move the lock up and down. It is like a little Z or S shape so you will have to take the actuator and move it up and rotate it a little to get it out. 

11. Remove the wire clip at the bottom of the actuator. 

12. Put the Z or S style hook on the new actuator and tap the plastic pin through the whole. 

13. Attach the wire clip to the new actuator. 

14. Put the actuator in and slide the Z or S style hook in again you will need to slide it up and around a little bit to get it to go into place. 

15. Using a rivet gun put a new rivet to hold the actuator motor in. 

16. Test to make sure it works. 

17. Put the door panel back on then the arm rest and the bolts and then screws that you took off. 

18. Put the plastic piece that protects the mirror wires on the inside on with the screw. 

19. Put the plastic piece for the door handle on with the screw. 

20. Lastly hook the speaker back up and put the screws back in for it and the cover. 

21. That should be it you are now done. 

Installation Instructions written by AmericanMuscle customer Martin Lecy 04.22.14 

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