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How to Install Eibach Pro-Street Coil Over Kit on your 1979-2004 Mustang

Installation Time

4 hours

Tools Required
  • Floor Jack
  • Jack Stands
  • Socket Set (8, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24mm)
  • Wrench Set
  • Pry Bars
  • Lug Wrench
  • Impact Tools
  • Spring Removal Tool
American Muscle
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Tools Required:

 Floor Jack
 Jack Stands
 Socket Set (8, 12, 15, 18, 21, 24mm)
 Wrench Set
 Pry Bars
 Lug Wrench
 Impact Tools
 Spring Removal Tool

I installed this product on my 2003 V6. Some steps may vary from this.

Before You Start

Measure Cars Ride Height (Centerline to Fender Lip)

Rear Removal

1. Remove Side Trunk Panels
2. Jack Up Car from Differential
3. Remove Wheels
4. Place Jack Stands under Frame
5. Remove Upper Shock Nut (15mm)

6. Lower Car onto Jack Stands
7. Remove Bolts from Lower Shock Mount(Nut 18mm/Bolt 15mm)

8. Remove Shock
9. Press Down on Rear Control Arm
10. Remove Spring & Pads from Mounts

Rear Snubber

1. Remove Factory Snubber (8mm)
2. Replace Factory Snubber with Eibach Snubber (12mm)
3. Reinstall Snubber

Rear Install

1. Install Upper & Lower Coil Plate

Upper Plate

1. Remove the Black Bar from Upper Plate
2. Place Bar Inside Hole Where Spring Goes
3. Screw Upper Plate Into the Bar
4. *The Bar will Slide Around, Spring will Secure*

Lower Plate

1. Thickest Part Goes Towards the Back of the Car


1. *Spring Order Top to Bottom Thin Washer,Black Helper Spring, Collar, Spring*


1. Mount Lower Shock and Guide through Upper Mount Into

2. Hand Tighten Nuts on Upper Shock.(15mm)

3. Set Ride Height to Desired Height
4. *Use Pre-Height Measurements as Starting Point*
5. Reinstall Wheels
6. Lower and Remove Jack/Stands
7. Tighten Upper Shock Mounts with Full Weight on Shocks (15mm) *Prevents Bushing Pre-Load ~Causes Uneven Ride Height*

Front Removal

1. Jack Up Car
2. Place Jack Stands
3. Lower Car onto Stands
4. Remove Brake Calipers (Recommended)
5. Remove Sway Bar End Links (18mm)
6. Discount Outer Tie Rods from Spindle (18mm)

7. Jack Up A-Arm to Compress the Spring Enough to Remove Upper Strut Nuts (21mm)
8. Slowly Lower Jack and Allow A-Arm to Fully Extend
9. Remove Spring and Pads (Pry Bar/Spring Tool)
10. Remove Bolts From Lower Shock (Nut 24mm/Bolt 21mm)
11. Remove Shock

Before Installion You Might Have to Remove a Gold Spacer from the Coilover.

1. To Remove
2. Remove Upper Nut (24mm)
3. *Caution Coilover is PrePressured*
4. Remove Large Gold Spacer and Replace with Small Spacer
5. Re-tighten Upper Nut

Front Install

1. Coilover Pre-Set 1.5” Lower than Factory Height
2. Install Shock/Coilover& Tighten Bolts (Nut 24mm/Bolt 21mm)
3. *May Need Spacers for Lower Shock*

4. Guide Upper into Shock Mount

5. Jack Up A-Arm
6. Reconnect Outer Tie Rods to Spindle (18mm)
7. Reconnect Sway Bar End Links (18mm)

8. Tighten Upper Shock Nut (24 mm)
9. Lower Jack
10. Install Spacers If Needed
11. Reinstall Wheels
12. Jack Up Car
13. Remove Stands
14. Lower Jack

After Installation It is Recommended That You Have Your Car Realigned



Coilover Adjustment

1. Loosen Lower Collier
2. Turn Upper Collier to Desired Height
3. Tight Lower Collier

Installation Instructions Written By AmericanMuscle Customer Ryan Todd 4/10/2013

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