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F-150 Fitment Help

If you are not sure of your F-150’s fitment, learn where to find your truck’s attributes below.

Trim Trim may also be referred to as Submodel or bodytype. This can be found in positions 5-7 in your VIN. Use a VIN decoder which can be found online, to easily determine your trim level.

Cab Cab size can easily be determined by looking at your F-150’s door setup. A Standard Cab has only two doors and no rear seat. SuperCab has two full sized front doors and two small rear passenger doors which open with handles on the inside. The SuperCrew Cab has two full sized front doors and two full sized rear passenger doors.

Bed Length First, determine the Cab Size of your F-150. Next, look at the door jamb sticker which will list your wheel base in inches. You should see “WB” and the number below. Use the chart below to match the wheel base value with your F-150’s cab

Cab Type 2015 Wheelbase 2009-2014 Wheelbase Bed Length
Standard 141" 145" 8'
Standard 122" 126" 6.5'
Supercab 164" 163" 8'
Supercab 145" 145" 6.5'
SuperCrew 157" 157" 6.5'
SuperCrew 145" 145" 5.5'

Engine The engine code for your F-150 will be the 8th digit on the VIN number. Use a VIN decoder to determine your exact engine.

Drivetrain Your F-150 is either a 4x2 or a 4x4. If you’re not sure which, your Drivetrain or Drive type can be found on the VIN sticker in the 5th–7th digits in the Vin number. You can use a VIN decoder to determine if you have a 4x2 or 4x4.