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How to Install 9mm Ford Racing Spark Plug Wires for 1979-1995 Mustangs

Installation Time

30 minutes

Tools Required
  • Phillips screwdriver
American Muscle
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Removal Procedure:

Take a look at your factory plug wires, If you like the way they are routed make sure to route the ford racing wires the same way, if you don’t like the way they are routed route the new ford racing wire your preferred way keeping in mind the wire are only so long so you can only route them certain ways.

Step 1. Lay out all of the new wires stretched out side by side on a table or the ground.

Step 2: Starting on the front driver’s side remove the plug boot from the spark plug.

Step 3: Trace the same wire up to the distributor cap.

Step 4: Pull the wire off the cap.

Step 5: Remove the wire and match up with correct length ford racing wire.

Installation Procedure:

Step 1: Push the black end of the new ford racing plug wire over the open spot on the cap.

Step 2: Route the wire back down to the spark plug.

Step 3: Push the gray boot over the spark plug. Repeat Removal steps 2-5 and installation steps 1-3 on the remaining 7 plug wires.

You should be able to reach, remove and install all plug wires by hand without any clearance issues.

If you are removing or installing a plug wire and encounter a plug wire tree simply pry the tree open with your hands.

Step 4: After all 8 plug wires have been swapped the wire to the coil will need to be replaced next.

Step 5: Using the screwdriver remove the screw holding the black plastic cover over the coil. 

Step 6: Next Pull the wire off the coil.

Step 7: Pull the wire off the distributor cap and remove the wire.

Step 8: With the new ford racing wire push one end over the cap, route the wire back to the coil and push the end over the coil.

Step 9: Put the black plastic cover back over the coil and tighten the screw.

Step 10: Enjoy your new ford racing plug wires.

Installation Instructions written by AmericanMuscle Customer Vance Clarke 10.30.2014

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