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How to install an OEM Headlight & Foglight Switch

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • 8mm socket wrench or an open ended box wrench
  • Trim stick/No-Mar tool
  • Flathead screw driver (Optional)
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1. Open your hood and using your 8mm wrench, disconnect your negative battery cable by loosening the nut on the right side of terminal and repeat for the positive battery. Make sure that when you disconnect the battery wires, they are not touching any metal. Complete safety is always a top priority!

2. Open your car door and grab your trim stick/no-mar tool and carefully place it in the top left corner of your headlight switch and gently pry it out as to not scratch your instrument panel.

3. Once the headlight switch is pulled out just a bit, move the no-mar tool towards the sides to finish the removal of your headlight switch. Pull out headlight switch and you will find (2) connectors attached to the back.

4. Push the little grey tab to release the quick connects from the white connector and pull the grey quick connect up to disconnect it (see picture 3). On the black quick connect behind the black shield, there is a tab; press down on it and pull the black quick connect up to disconnect it (see picture 4).

a. If you are not able to press down on the tabs using finger pressure, gently use your flathead screwdriver to press down on the tabs in order to disconnect them.

5. Once all the quick connects are disconnected, grab your new headlight & foglight switch and re-connect the quick connects to their proper positions. They only go in one way but if you get confused, just use the tabs to line up with the tab locks.

6. Once your headlight & foglight switch is all reconnected, place the new switch in the location until you hear it lock into place (see picture 5).

7. DO NOT close the door once the switch is in place or the next time you open the door, the car alarm will go off.

8. Reconnect your positive and negative battery wires and tighten down the nuts. Close your hood.

a. When you reattach the battery cables your cars horn will honk, just as a fore warning.

9. Enjoy your new found ability to use foglights on your Mustang for improved nighttime visibility in adverse conditions.

10. Clean up all of your tools as well as your old headlight switch.

Installation Instructions written by AmericanMuscle customer Sean Wright 2.3.12