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How to Install Ford Racing True Dual Exhaust on your 2005-2009 Mustang V6

Installation Time

3 hours

Tools Required
  • Power Drill
  • Socket Wrench
  • Pneumatic Air Saw
  • Face Shield
  • 13mm/15mm Sockets
  • 3/16" Drill Bit
  • Car Lift
American Muscle
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Included Parts – (1) M-5230-GTA Muffler Kit, RH and LF Intermediate Pipe, (4) X-pipe clamps, (2) LH brackets, (2) Rear Fascia Trim and Fastening Hardware, (1) V6 X-pipe and (2) Bracket bolts, (6) Clamps, (2) Hangers, (4) Large Bolts, (10) Small Bolts, (10) Nuts, (2) Small Bolt Washers.

Notice – This installation was done by me at a professional body shop using their car lift. Ideally, you’d be using a car lift so you can comfortable do all the tasks as outlined below without having trouble for space. As with anything, make sure the car is secure.


Installation Procedure

1- Take off the negative cable from your battery.

2- Put your parking brake on.

3- Raise the vehicle (again, enough so that you can stand underneath it).

4- Loosen and remove the clamps on the Y-pipe and the one on the muffler (15mm). You can use penetrating oil at this point if needed.

5- Use a screwdriver to lift the clips and remove the pipe from the muffler. Put it on the ground.

6- It’s time to remove the muffler. Identify the rubber hanger on the side of the hanger and free it from the hook. Now, move the muffler towards the ENGINE (the inside of the vehicle NOT outside) in order to remove it from the remaining hangers. Put it on the ground. (You can spray penetrating oil here too).

7- Grab the X-pipe that came with the kit and hold it up against the Y-pipe on the vehicle. Mark the cut-out locations for the X-pipe with a pen/tape. Make sure you leave yourself some room for adjustments (if needed), approximately 1.5inches/40mm.

8- Now you’re ready to make the cut! Cut the market locations and don’t forget to clean the area once you’re done cutting.

9- Once you’ve made the cut and have cleaned the edges, remove the sensor on the RH-side of the Y-pipe.

10- Remove the RH Y-pipe AND loosen the LH-side.

11- Using penetrating oil, put your new X-pipe onto the two ends.

12- Hand tighten the X-pipe onto the manifold nuts.

13- Re-connect the sensor you removed at step 9.

14- Fully tighten the pipe to the manifold nuts!

15- Install the LH muffler hangers with the M8 bolts.

16- Place the supplied cut-out template onto your bumper and mark the bolt locations on the bumper itself. (You can tape the cutout itself on the bumper too
if you wish)

17- Cut the bumper along the line you marked (or as indicated on the cut-out).

18- Drill holes into the bumper at the designated locations using a power drill with 3/16” drill-bit.

19- Install the provided fascia outlets with the supplied material.

20- Install the mufflers! Make sure you place the band camp on the inlet of the muffler.

21- Install the associated underbody pipes and place the clamps on the underbody pipes.

22- Insert the pipes into the mufflers. Repeat for the other side.

23- Tighten all the connections you’ve made throughout the installation (torque clamps to 40 lb-ft/54nm). Lower the vehicle and start it!!

24- Make sure you check for leaks and enjoy a whole new driving experience!!


Installation Instructions Written By AmericanMuscle Customer Omer Batuary 8.5.2013

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