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Ford Racing V6 Performance Dual Exhaust Kit ('05-'09) - Installation Instructions

Installation Time

3 hours

American Muscle
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1. Remove negative cable from battery.

2. Raise vehicle and apply parking brake.

3. Loosen clamp at the rear of the Y-pipe assembly and on the muffler (use penetrating oil if necessary).

4. Use a screwdriver to lift retaining clip on clamp at rear of the Y-pipe and slide back.

5. Remove pipe from muffler (cut pipe in front of the rear axle if ground clearance is an issue).

6. To remove mufflef, spray penetrating oil on front inner hanger and pry rubber hanger free from the hook. Slide the muffler toward the front of vehicle to remove from the other hangers.

7. Place X-pipe on the Y-pipe assembly to determine cut location. Be sure to center the new X-pipe as best as possible to the center of the vehicle. Mark the end of the tube with tape. Measure back 1 1/2 inches (40 mm) from the tape and mark the cut line with tape

8. Cut the Y-pipe and de-burr the inside and outside of the pipe.

9. Remove the right hand Y-pipe tube and loosen the left hand (be sure to unplug sensor on right hand side before removing).

10. Use penetrating oil to lubricate the end of the Y-pipe tubes. Slide the X-pipe over the left hand Y-pipe tube and then insert the right hand tube into the X-pipe and reattach it to the exhaust manifold installing nuts hand tight. Re-connect the sensor connector.

11. Tighten pipe to manifold nuts.

12. Install left hand muffler hangers. Tap bosses using M8 X 1.25 tap and then install hanger with M8 bolts.

13. Place supplied template on rear fascia as shown and trace where cut will be.
NOTE:Tape off area to be cut to protect the painted surfaces.

14. Cut fascia along traced lines and drill holes with a 3/16" drill bit

15. Install fascia outlets with supplied hardware

16. Install mufflers. Place the band clamp on the inlet to the muffler.

17. Install underbody pipes. Place band clamps on the inlet of the underbody pipes. Insert into mufflers.

18. Tighten all connections, etc. Torque clamps to 40 Ib-ft/ 54 nm.

19. Lower vehicle and re-connect the negative battery cable.

20. Start vehicle and check for exhaust leaks.

Installation instructions provided by Ford Racing

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