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FR500 Mustang Steering Wheel Installation Guide

Installation Time

60 minutes

Tools Required
  • 3/8 ratchet
  • 5/16 deep socket
  • T50 Torx bit and socket
  • Steering wheel puller/gear puller
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • Allen wrench
  • Small standard screwdriver
American Muscle
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Getting Started:

1. Make sure that the steering wheel is in the upright position and that the wheels are straight.

2. Next, disconnect the battery.ALWAYS disconnect the battery before trying to disconnect the airbag.You are at risk of injury if the battery is not disconnected. The airbag is set off by an electrical charge, which is why the battery must be disconnected. Please wait at least 10 Mins after disconnecting battery for the airbag power supply to drain.

Removing the Airbag:

3. Remove steering wheel spoke caps on both sides of the steering wheel. There is one on each side.

4. Now the 5/16 retaining screws for the airbag can be seen. Remove the screws.

5. Gently lift the airbag straight off the wheel and disconnect the yellow wire from the module on the airbag.

6. Carefully place the airbag in a safe place for now (we will re-install it on the new wheel). Make sure to put it face down (white plastic facing up)

Removing the Steering Wheel:

7. Next is to remove the horn switches. There are four allen head bolts holding them in. Remove the bolts and place the switches aside for now (will re-install on the new wheel)

8. Remove the two Phillips head screws in the center of the wheel

9. Disconnect black wire harness

10. Now remove two Phillips head screws from each of the cruise control switches and set the switches aside for now (will re-install on the new wheel)

11. Remove the steering wheel bolt using the T50 Torx bit.

12. Now position the "gear/wheel puller" directly over the steering wheel shaft and slowly pull the wheel off the shaft using the puller. It shouldn’t take a lot of force.

Install the New FR500 Steering Wheel:

13. Slide the FR500 over the steering wheel shaft. DoNOTpound, hit, or hammer it on!

14. Put the T50 steering wheel bolt back in and torque to 28 foot pounds.

15. Now you just reverse everything you did to get the old steering wheel off to put the new one on, Steps 5-10.

16. Install the two screws back into the center of the steering wheel

Reconnect black wiring harness

17. Reinstall the original cruise control switches that you set aside and install them onto the FR500 wheel.

18. Now get the original horn switches that you set aside earlier and install them onto the FR500 wheel with the allen head bolts.

19. Re-check everything and match sure you connected everything back up and put all the screws and bolts in place before you put the airbag back on.

21. Reconnect the yellow wire that you disconnected earlier from the airbag(always point airbag away from you, just to be on the safe side).

22. Gently place the air bag back in place and install the two airbag retaining screws and spoke caps.

23. Reconnect the battery and confirm that the horn works.

24. Congratulations! You finished the install of the FR500 steering wheel. Now take the car out for a spin and feel how much better this wheel feels! I think you will be surprised.

Installation instructions provided by AmericanMuscle customer by Matt Barfield.