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How to install a Ford Racing Boss 302 Engine Block on your Mustang

Installation Time

2 days

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This sheet contains important information regarding dimensions and specifications of the M-6010-BOSS302 block. These instructions should be reviewed by all engine builders, due to minor changes that could impact the engine assembly process.


Be sure to check for the following parts included with M-6010-BOSS302.

  • M-6026-R452 plug and dowel kit. NOTE: Early kits will have steel plugs. Torque specifications for both steel and aluminum are listed below.
  • Check for clearance to the starter index plate on the left bank. The core plug may require a clearance hole in the starter index plate.


Block Deck Height 8.215” /- .005”

Main Bearing Bores 2.4412” – 2.4420”

Cylinder Bore (as delivered) 3.990” /- .005” (max finish bore 4.125”)

Main Bolt Torque 100 lb-ft (inner) 35 lb-ft (outer) with 30wt oil

Lifter Bores .8760” /- .0007” (finished bore)

Plugs -6 AN (qty 9) Aluminum 8-10 lb-ft

Steel 22 lb-ft

-20 AN (qty 8) Aluminum 24-26 lb-ft

Steel 30 lb-ft

-8 AN (qty 1) Aluminum 14-16 lb-ft

teel 24 lb-ft

Head Bolts 1/2-13 UNC

Cross Drilling Bores are Siamese with cross-drilled coolant passages


All cam bores are finished to a diameter of 2.204” nominally and require a common outside diameter cam bearing.

Maximum cam bore diameter for roller cam bearings (1-4) 2.480” (5) 2.280”

  • Use M-6261-R351 cam bearings for a common journal camshaft.
  • Use M-6261-J351 cam bearings for a stepped journal production type camshaft.


  • The two lower timing cover bolts are 3/8-16 UNC.
  • Front oil pressure sending unit hole is 1/2 NPT. Check fitting thread engagement prior to final wash.
  • Check cylinder heads for proper steam-hole alignment. Steam holes are designed to reduce the possibility of steam pocket formation. Due to the large number of aftermarket heads that can be used on this block, you will have to check this and modify as necessary.
  • For wet sump applications, use main bolt (with stud) D7TZ-6345-A (for oil pump pick-up). Oil pump pickup for use with stock rear sump FOX body stamped pan is part M-6622-BOSS302.
  • Check main caps for adequate clearance to oil pan (.150” minimum).
  • Designed for standard 1-piece 302 rear main seal.