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How to Install a Ford Racing Crankshaft Pulley Spacer 0.875in on your 1980-1995 Mustang 5.0L

Installation Time

2 hours




Installation of the crank pulley spacer will require longer bolts. Use Grade 5 or better bolts with blue Loctlte thread sealer (or equivalent).

Check pulley sheave alignment between crank and accessory pulleys with a straight edge. Production tolerances and small variations in pulley sheave offset over the years may require so e trimming of the spacer to achieve good alignment with the existing pulleys.

It the spacer is much too short or too long, you need a different spacer. Currently available spacers trom Ford Racing are as follows:

M-8510-A351 .350"

M-851 0-8351 .950"

M-8510-C351 .875"

M·851 0·0351 .909"

The accessory drive belt can now be installed using standard procedures.

It an M-8511-A351 (PS only) or M-8511-B351 (AC & PS) bracket is also being installed, a new belt length will have to be determined at this time. With the new bracket installed and sheave alignment checked, the proper belt length can be determined by using a "exib\e tape measure. A tailor's tape measure works best. Wrap the tape measure around the crank and accessory pulleys following the path the production belt used. Remember to have a helper hold the tensioner at the midpoint of its travel when measuring for belt length. Serpentine accessory drive belts are available from Motorcraft and other sources in a large variety of lengths. On installation, make sure the belt has tension and tracks properly on all pulleys as the engine is rotated by hand.