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How to Install Ford Performance High Flow Air Filter (10-14 GT500; 15-18 GT350) on your Ford Mustang

Installation Time

15 minutes

Tools Required
  • 8mm Socket
  • Flathead Screwdriver (will work if you do not have a socket available)
American Muscle
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Removal Procedure:

1. Locate bolt on top of air filter at base where it connects with the intake.

2. Use the 8mm socket on the bolt and turn counter-clockwise until the metal band
holding the filter on is sufficiently loose as to allow the filter to slide off the intake.

3. Wiggle the filter to get it free of the intake. It’s a tight space so it will take a little
working back and forth to get it out of the filter housing.

4. Take a clean rag and wipe the dirt out of the intake and the housing area, being
careful not to push the dirt into the air intake.

Installation Procedure:

1. Remove the plastic from the new air filter.

2. Slide the band around so that the tightening bolt is at the top, on the opposite
side of the tab at the head of the filter (the word DOWN shows you where it is.)

3. Ensure the band has the bolt head facing the front of the car for ease of
tightening, you might have to flip it around if it was placed incorrectly at the

4. Using the reverse method to how you removed the original filter, wiggling the air
filter into the housing, making sure the mouth of the filter sits completely over top
the air intake.

5. Ensure the tab at the bottom of the air filter sits in the notch provided in the air
intake housing.

6. Use your 8mm socket to tighten the band snugly. There should be no play in the
filter to keep the air intake pure.

Installation Instructions written by American Muscle customer Chris Fantini 8/25/18

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