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Glenn Cope II - 2011 V6 Mustang

Glenn Cope II

My dad had a red fastback Mustang when I was a small child but sadly, he sold it. I myself started off my car experience at sixteen with a 1970 Plymouth Duster V8 muscle car and immediately began modifying it, making body, wheel and motor changes. I drove that car through college but ended up selling for a song and regret it.

After that, I had my eye on a nice white Fox Body Mustang, but fate intervened and I ended up buying a Mitsubishi VR4 twin turbo AWD monster instead. Again, the modifications came as fast as I could afford them. This time, besides motor and body, I moved into suspension. I build a 600 HP street terror. Besides drag racing, I started auto-crossing and road racing the car until I found out that it was way too heavy and tore up tires and brakes very fast.

So I moved on to owning a couple of Miatas. They are far more cost effective to modify, autocross and road-race. On this type of car suspension was very important for getting the most speed out of the chassis. After having a daughter I had to sell the roadster and around that same time I started working at ProCharger. I built upon my turbo, forced induction experience and learned all about centrifugal supercharging.

This is when I bought my 2011 3.7L V6 Mustang and promptly put a blower on it. I also built a V6 performance website to serve as a guide to others who are into modding their 3.7L Mustangs. I have to say, I was very impressed with the handling of this Mustang and now with the extra 200 HP I am enjoying it immensely.

There is just about no bolt I have not turned on this car. Since I work in the aftermarket automotive industry I have offered my car as a test mule for several companies. It was the first 3.7L Mustang to get several parts you now can order, as well as the first 3.7L Mustang to run a 12 second quarter mile.

I have installed and torn up a lot of parts including several sets of tires, brake pads and brake rotors. I have built the car as a road racing Stang and am currently building a Kenny Brown GT4 Spec racer. I just installed larger brake calipers and a roll cage and am ready to hit the track. Stay tuned to my site for the latest updates on installs and videos. Be sure to follow me on Google+