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How to Install K&N Series 63 AirCharger Performance Cold Air Intake (96-02 GT; 99-01 Cobra) on your Ford Mustang

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Congratulations, you have purchased the finest air intake kit that money can buy. The following procedure MUST be followed to ensure proper performance and seal of the K&N® Aircharger Performance Kit.


1) Disconnect the vehicle’s negative battery cable.
2) Disconnect the mass air sensor and remove the stock air cleaner assembly, but do not remove the original intake hose.
3) Assemble the K&N® intake components as shown in the parts list, but do not tighten completely.
4) Install the complete assembly as shown in fig. 1. Line up the brackets with the upper and lower fenders, mark the holes and drill.
5) Re-install the complete assembly and secure with the provided hardware.
6) Re-connect the mass air sensor and the negative battery cable and double check to make sure everything is tightened and properly positioned before starting the vehicle.


Start the engine with the transmission in neutral or park, and the emergency brake on. Listen for any air leaks or odd noises. If there are air leaks, make sure the hose connections are secure. If there are any odd noises, check for the cause and repair before proceeding. The K&N® Aircharger Performance Kit will function identically to the factory air filter with the exception of being slightly louder than stock and much more responsive. If all preliminary checks are okay, then a road test is necessary. Listen carefully for rattling or other odd noises and fix as necessary. If the road test is fine, you can enjoy driving as normal with the added response and power. We suggest that the Aircharger element be checked periodically for dirt. This is now very easy due to the open element configuration. If the filter material is overly dirty, service it with a recharger kit, part number 99-5000 or  99-5050. If you have any questions or problems, inquire at your nearest K&N® dealer, or direct to K&N Engineering at (800) 858-3333. 

Although this Aircharger kit was designed to work on a stock vehicle, in order to fully realize the performance potential of your vehicle, other engine systems may need to be enhanced. Headers and free-flowing exhaust systems ensure an airflow balance throughout the engine. A high performance computer chip will add extra fuel to the intake charge, without which, an engine can run in a lean condition and actually lose power. Other items such as performance pulleys, high-pressure fuel regulators, camshafts, etc. can also be helpful in obtaining the utmost performance from your vehicle. 


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