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How to use K&N Filter Recharge Kit on your Mustang

Installation Time

30 minutes


Package Includes:
(1) 6.5 oz. aerosol spray oil
(1) 12 oz. filter cleaner

Skill Level: Easy

Required Supplies:
Paper towels
Rubber gloves  

1. Remove K&N air filter from air box and place on flat level surface. Cover the entire air filter completely with K&N Power Kleen. Allow to soak for ten minutes. (DO NOT ALLOW CLEANER TO DRY ON FILTER MAY CAUSE DAMAGE.)    

2. Proceed to rinse off air filter with a cold low pressure water source applied directly to the clean surface of the filter. Repeat steps one and two if filter is still dirty and not completely white. ( REMOVE ALL TRACES OF K&N POWER KLEEN OR PREVOIS OIL TO PREVENT FUTURE DAMAGE TO AIR FILTER.)    

3. Remove water from K&N Filter proceed to hold at (45°) forty five degree angle and allow water to run out you may gently shake excess water out carefully. Allow you’re filter to naturally air dry, place filter on a two raised surfaces to speed up drying. (DO NOT OIL UNTIL FILTER IS COMPLELY DRY)    

4. When applying K&N Recharge oil make sure to evenly spray along each pleat and crown holding the can 3” inches away from filter surface. Allow oil to wick in completely for approximately twenty minutes. If touch up is required lightly spray those areas until filter is a uniform red color entirely.

Helpful Tips: To avoid over spray pull can back 8”- 10” inches and use short bursts to touch up small areas. Once complete use a paper towel wipe any over spray left on rubber gasket. I also recommend using paper towels or new paper to cover the surface area for quick clean up.    

5. Proceed to reinstall K&N Filter back in the Mustang's air box and close cover.    

Notes: When servicing a K&N filter, take care not to over-oil the element. Besides impeding air flow, excess oil can migrate into the intake system where it can coat electronic sensors such as Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAFS). If any residue or gumming occurs on sensors use only an approved mass air flow sensor cleaner fallowing products directions to prevent any future damage.

Instructions written by AmericanMuscle customer Ryan Maguire 07.05.2013