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How to Install LTH Muffler Delete Axle-Back Exhuast - Black Tip on your Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

Tools Required
  • Ratchet (3/8" or ¼")
  • 15mm Socket
  • Plasma Cutter/Band Saw/Sawzall
  • Second Set of Hands*
  • Exhaust Hanger Pliers*
  • Penetrating Oil*
  • WD-40*
  • Jack Stands*
  • Hydraulic Jack*
American Muscle
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INSTALL LTH ™ Mustang GT 5.0 Muffler Delete 

The car battery stores a tremendous amount of energy and must be treated with respect. Disconnect the NEGATIVE, BLACK, wire from the car's battery. Be extremely careful NOT to short the battery with your tools while removing the negative cable. Shorting the battery by touching the terminal will almost certainly cause severe burns, a fire, or even an explosion. FYI, the reason to remove the negative terminal of the battery is so that if the wrench were to slip while on the nut of the battery terminal, and accidentally contact the frame of the car (ground) the result would not be a short from positive to ground, but a much less harmful short from negative-to-negative. Be careful to not slip and hit anything.
Lift the vehicle and set it safely onto jackstands.

Start by locating the rear section of the factory exhaust near the inlet to the muffler, as shown below. You will be cutting the factory exhaust from this point on both sides. Following the 90° bend from the inlet to the muffler, there is a short, straight section. Measure 2.5" from the next bend over and mark the exhaust appropriately, as shown below. You want the straight section to remain, since that will allow a good mating surface to connect the L TH™ muffler delete sections.

You will now have to cut the factory exhaust on both the passenger and driver side at the locations marked. We highly recommend having a helper hold the exhaust system firmly in place while you are cutting the exhaust.

With the exhaust cut, you can now remove the muffler sections from the exhaust hangers and pull the  mufflers out from the vehicle . 

Slide the LTH™ muffler delete sections onto the factory mid-pipe where you made the cuts previously. Be : sure to slide a 2.50" exhaust clamp onto each pipe section before installing the L TH™ muffler delete  sections .

Hook the exhaust hanger on each LTH™ muffler delete pipe to the factory mounting bushing near the  bumper on each side . 

Adjust the L TH™ muffler delete pipe (at the connection to the mid-pipe) to achieve a centered fit in the bumper outlet as shown for each side. Once centered, tighten down both of the 2.50" exhaust band clamps.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that the user double checks the torque on all the bolts after driving around for a little bit. The exhaust may fit itself in better after a little engine movement and heat cycles, causing the bolts to be a little looser. It is probable that new exhaust may produce more than normal amounts of smoke for the first couple of drives. Chemicals on and in the exhaust will burn off. This will not affect performance or longevity of the product. It is a good idea to wipe off and clean the exhaust while cleaning up. Any finger prints on the exhaust will heat up and stain the exhaust permanently. This will not affect performance or longevity, and is not required. 
*** WARNING*** 
Please be careful when first driving with the addition of the LTH™ Mustang GT 5.0 Muffler Delete. The vehicle's driving characteristics will be different. The change in vehicle power and performance may take the inexperienced driver by surprise. The user must be careful, and above all, obey all posted speed limits, laws, and regulations. 

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