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How to Install Lucas Oil Super Coolant Additive in your Mustang

Installation Time

1 hours

Tools Required
  • Radiator Funnel
  • Antifreeze Tester (optional)
  • Suction Gun
  • Paper Towels


• Radiator Funnel
• Anti-Freeze Tester (Optional)
• Suction gun
• Paper towels.

Warning: Do not open any radiator or reservoir cap while hot. Fluid is extremely hot and under pressure.

Installation Instructions:

1. Open hood and locate radiator cap or coolant reservoir. Ensure engine cool before removing cap.

2. Prior to adding additive it’s good idea to test coolant mixture for correct ratio and protection. Using an anti-freeze tester check coolant for a 50% coolant to 50% distilled water solution mixture. The 50/50 mixture is recommended for year round giving a -35°F to 223°F protection.

3. Inspect reservoir fluid level, if filled to “Cold line range” or above removal of coolant is required. Using a suction gun remove at least 16 oz. of coolant from reservoir.

4. Shake Lucas Super Coolant bottle for thirty second, they using a radiator funnel pour the entire 16 oz. bottle in to the vehicles reservoir.

5. Reinstall coolant reservoir cap securely.

6. Start vehicle; adjust heat to highest setting with fan on maximum speed.

7. Allow the engine to run for at least 30 minutes to circulate and mix Lucas Super Coolant throughout the cooling system.

8. Check reservoir fluid level. Coolant while hot will rise above “Cold Fill Range” markings. If coolant is lower allow vehicle to cool before opening reservoir cap and adding any fluid. Note: Always use distilled water with mix of correct coolant to a 50/50 Mix when adding more fluid to radiator bottle.

Note: Results may differ, however this application did result in a drop of ten degrees with a 50/50 coolant to distilled water mixture.

Installation Instructions Written By AmericanMuscle Customer Ryan Maguire 12/5/2013

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