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Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster: Which Mustang Exhaust is Better?

By:  Ryan Doyle  / May 31 2019
Magnaflow vs. Flowmaster: Which Mustang Exhaust is Better?

Making the choice between a Flowmaster Mustang exhaust system or Magnaflow exhaust system can be a tough one. It's going to come down to what type of performance advantage you're looking to get from your setup and most importantly, sound.

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Choosing a new exhaust for your Mustang is as much about increasing performance as it is improving sound. Give your Mustang a true muscle car growl with enough bite to back it up and replace your restrictive stock exhaust.

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Flowmaster Mustang Exhaust

Flowmaster offers every component of your exhaust system including hardware. They offer combined kits and also individual exhaust components. Constructed from stainless steel, they offer long lasting construction with impressive finishes available in multiple options such as chrome, matte black, or silver. In addition to hi-flow mufflers, Flowmaster has high flow exhaust systems that are perfect for aggressive streetcars, all the way to track-only and competition built Mustangs.

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Offering close to 50 different types of muffler styles such as the American Thunder Series or the Force II Systems in chambered or laminar flow mufflers, your options can seem endless. Depending on your needs and preferences Flowmaster has all your choices in available options. To be sure on your final choices Flowmaster has exhaust sound clip videos for nearly every exhaust piece.

Mustang Flowmaster Axleback Exhaust

Magnaflow Mustang Exhaust

Magnaflow also offers great quality and multiple performance benefits. Fully polished finishes with dyno tuned proven performance numbers. Delivering a smooth, deep tone is a main selling point for Magnaflow and will have passersby searching for your Mustang as you drive down the road. Magnaflow offers direct fit exhaust system or fully customizable kits for your convenience. With different finishes such as full stainless steel for a true rust free exhaust, to a more efficient exhaust with a stainless steel coating.

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To ensure to muffler or other exhaust components you want Magnaflow offers a huge list of their components on several makes and models of Mustangs. Magnaflow offers exhaust parts for nearly all 1979-2014 Mustangs that include video overviews, giving you a true feel and understanding of each different system before you make a purchase.

Mustang Exhaust Parts

Making the Selection For Your Mustang

  • Flowmaster exhausts ensure life long performance
  • Magnaflow mufflers are the straight through type, allowing maximum flow 
  • Flowmaster systems use chambers and complex sound wave barriers to muffle and eliminate sound
  • Magnaflow uses high quality stainless steel wool in their systems that wont deterierate over time like fiberglass
  • Both are comitted to producing the best sound with the highest flow possible while using the extreme opposite in technologies
  • Both are American made 
  • Flowmaster was born in the performance racing world
  • Magnaflow uses their inhouse dyno to test each exhausts performance

The choice you make really comes down to personal preference of style, finishes, and sound. It is recommended that when looking for a new system you do some research on sound and specific dyno results (if performance is solely your focus). Both Magnaflow and Flowmaster do a great job at offering a wide range of compatibility and sound variations for the average daily driven Mustang to the drag strip monster. Listening to exhaust sounds and finding what midpipes, headers and accessories fit your needs are the two ways you’ll want to use when finding the perfect exhaust for your Mustang.

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