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How to Install a Hood Vent Accent Decal on Your 2013-2014 Mustang

Installation Time

40 minutes

Tools Required
  • Spray Bottle
  • Vinyl Squeegee (supplied)
  • Smaller Piece of Flexible Plastic
  • 10% Cotton Cloth
American Muscle
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Please read through all the instructions carefully before starting this project. I’ve never applied vinyl graphics before and this took me about 40 minutes. If you read these first you should be able to tackle it in less.

Preparation: Make sure your car is relatively cool before application. A hot car can cause the soapy water mixture to evaporate quicker than anticipated.

In the spray bottle, I used about 10 drops of dish soap and filled the rest of the bottle with two-thirds water. (When you shake up the bottle you should only see a little foam settle on the top of the water.

I needed an old credit card, as the supplied squeegee doesn’t fit down in the vents very well. You could use anything similar that was strong enough to not break or fold, but flexible enough to work similar to the squeegee.

Take off all jewelry before starting. (Watches, rings, bracelets) You wouldn’t want to scratch that beautiful paintjob. (don’t ask!)


Since these pieces are mirror images of each other, we’re only going to cover installation of one side.

1. Spray the application area (hood vents) with the soapy water mixture, covering the entire application area.

2. Peel off the first outer vinyl and spray the sticky side until wet. This ensures if the sticky part touches an area not sprayed with the soapy water it won’t stick especially if it’s a hot day.

3. Apply the vinyl to the area and, while still wet, slide it into position.

4. Wrap the 100% cotton cloth around the American Muscle supplied squeegee and very gently begin to squeegee the excess water out from under the vinyl. The cloth will absorb the water coming out from under the vinyl. Continue this process around the entire outer edge and into the first vent. Once you’ve made a first pass, you can go over again a little harder, but not so that you shift the vinyl.

5. Starting from the next vent down from the top (closest to the windshield) Spray this vent with the soapy water mixture and also the sticky side of the vinyl piece.

6. Align the vinyl vent-piece into place.

7. Using the American Muscle squeegee (still wrapped with the cotton cloth), gently push the excess water out as far down as it will reach, starting from the center out away from you, and then from the center in toward you. (side to side)

8. Wrap the smaller piece of plastic with the cloth (not supplied - I used an old credit card) and use it to get down to the areas of the vent where the American Muscle squeegee won’t reach.

9. Continue this process until all of the vinyl on one side is applied.

10. Repeat the entire process on the other side.

Installation Instructions Written By AmericanMuscle Customer Jeffrey Olson 3/22/2013

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