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How to Install a Metco Motorsports Billet Rear Lower Control Arms on your 2005-2014 Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

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IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTE: Installation must be performed with the vehicle properly
supported on a suitable level surface.

For installation with Metco Motorsports Instant Center Modification brackets, please refer to the installation instructions included with the brackets.

1. The installation of your Metco control arms requires that only the rear of the vehicle be raised. Jack stands should be positioned beneath the frame on each side at about the forward mounting point of the lower control arm. Verify that the vehicle is stable and safely supported.
2. Using a hydraulic jack, raise the rear axle assembly to the mid-point of the up-down range. Removing both rear wheels eases access to the required fasteners. In some cases, the application of a penetrating agent to the control arm fasteners will ease their removal.
3. Remove the spring clip from the emergency cable bracket. Gently squeeze the clip together to slide it out. Using a large pair of pliers, squeeze the cable brackets together and remove the cable end from the bracket. Feed the free end of the cable out of the original control arm.
4. Remove one control arm by removing the bolts at each end. It is recommended to remove and replace one control arm at a time so the rear axle will remain in general alignment in the chassis.
5. The control arms are driver and passenger-side specific. Install each control arm with the grease fittings facing downward and the Metco logo facing outward. Position the narrow end in the chassis, and the wider end with the aluminum spacers at the rear axle, with the notch at the rear facing outward. The control arm is installed using the original hardware. The bolts should be snugged but not fully tightened at this time. Route the emergency brake cable through the window of the control arm and re-connect the cable.
6. Repeat this process for the other side.
7. The grease fittings must installed at each end of each control arm. The bushings in each control arm should be lubricated using a Teflon-based polyurethane lube or a quality chassis lube.
8. The control arm mounting bolts should be torqued to 95 ft/lbs. This should be done with the vehicle's weight on the suspension, which can be accomplished by raising the vehicle slightly using the jack under the rear axle. Keep the jackstands in position under the frame as a precaution. Tightening the control arm bolts with the axle hanging could result in an unwanted pre-load condition. Reinstall the wheels (if removed) and carefully lower the car to the ground.