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How to Install a Tensioner Support Plate on your 2003-2010 Mustang GT and Cobra

Installation Time

2 hours

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The installation should be performed on a suitable, level surface and the negative battery cable should be disconnected.
• Depress the belt tensioner (found on the passenger side of the engine) using a Yz" ratchet or belt tensioner tool. Remove the belt from the tensioner pulley.
• Loosen and remove the (3) bolts that fasten the tensioner arm to the engine. These fasteners will not be reused.
• The tensioner plate kit includes (3) aluminum spacers. The smallest spacer should be used in the upper position on the passenger side of the tensioner arm, and the (2) remaining larger spacers used on the bolts on the lower passenger side attachment point and over the tensioner arm.
• Apply blue Loctite to the ends of the three fasteners, and install the bolts with washers, tensioner plate, tensioner, and spacers on the vehicle as an assembly. Snug each of the three bolts, and then securely tighten the bolts in an even pattern. Use caution not to overtighten.
• Depress the tensioner to re-install the belt on the tensioner pulley, and then re-connect battery cable.