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How to Install MMD ABS Rear Window Louvers (05-09 Coupe) on your Ford Mustang

Installation Time

60 minutes

Tools Required
  • 5/16” Socket
  • Socket Wrench
  • Rear Window Louver Hardware Kit (Provided by American Muscle)
American Muscle
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  • Ensure the rear window is cool to the touch and installation is conducted in a cool, shaded area.
  • To ensure the 3M adhesion tape adhere to the glass, thoroughly clean the rear window
  • Installation will be easier with (2) people.

-However, these instructions are written for a single person.

Figure A: Rear Window without MMD ABS Rear Window Louvers

Figure B: Hardware Kit

1. Open the trunk.

2. Using the supplied alcohol prep pads, wipe down the outer edge of the glass where the brackets will adhere.

3. Attach (8) brackets to the MMD ABS Rear Window Louver. (Figure C).

a. Lay the louver upside down on a surface that will not scratch the surface.

b. Remove the nut and washer from (8) brackets.

c. Install the brackets by only “finger” tightening the nuts.

NOTE: Do not fully tighten the nuts, they will be removed at a later step.

Figure C: Brackets Attached to Window Louvers

4. Utilize the provided 3M adhesion promoter and wipe around the area of each bracket. NOTE: Do not wipe the 3M adhesion promoter onto the car’s paint.

5. Remove the backing of the bracket’s 3M tape.

6. Apply the 3M adhesion promoter to the 3M tape.

7. Place the louvers over the rear window.

8. Align the top edge of the louvers with the edge of the glass.

a. If executing these procedures alone, tape the top of the louvers to roof in order to lower the louvers onto the glass (Figure D).

Figure D: Alternate Procedures to Align the Louvers onto the Rear Glass

9. Once the louvers is centered on the rear glass, press down firmly on all the (8) brackets (Figure E).

Figure E: Louvers Centered on the Rear Glass

10. Carefully remove the louvers from the vehicle.

a. Remove all (8) nuts.
b. Lift the louvers off the rear glass.

11. Utilize the provided bottle of clear super silicone sealant to seal the edges of each attachment bracket. (Figure F)

a. Allow the silicone to dry for approximately 10-minutes.

Figure F: Attachment Bracket with Clear Super Silicone Sealant

12. Place the MMD ABS Window Rear Louvers onto the rear window.

a. Align each of the holes with the attachment bracket pegs.

13. Utilize the 5/16” and socket wrench to reattach the nut and washer to each attachment bracket.

Installation Instructions provided by AmericanMuscle Customer

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