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How to install Moroso Fabricated Aluminum Valve Covers on your 1996-2004 Mustang

Installation Time

2 hours

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Gasket Rail notches should be checked against your particular head prior to running the engine. These notches may be modified easily with a die grinder.

Clean the gasket surface of both the cylinder head and the valve cover rail. Many petroleum cleaning products, leave a residue that can prevent a good seal.

First protect the top of the valve covers by placing a protective material on your work surface.

Note you will be working inside the valve cover so the top will be against your table.

1. Decide where the accessory will be attached. Mark the center of the hole with a center punch.

2. Use a hole saw (the size will be called out in the instructions of the product you are attaching to your valve cover) next use a round file to clean the edges of and if needed, enlarge the hole slightly.

3. To install grommets cut a 1-3/16IN. hole through the valve cover. Then use a round file to open the hole to approximately 1.22IN.

NOTE: Grommets for fabricated valve covers have a .090IN. groove a standard valve cover grommet will not only be a loose fit causing leaks but has a tendency to fall out (with your breather).

Check the Moroso catalog for a selection of accessories to complement your new Moroso Valve Covers, such as Breathers for street and positive locking breathers for race applications.

Wing Nuts and Hold Down Tabs, Stud Kits, PCV Grommets and Breather/Oil Separator Grommets.

Crankcase Evacuation Systems.

Vacuum relief Valves

Positive seal fittings for vacuum pump connection, requires no welding.

Vacuum gauge fitting.

Valve Cover Gaskets. See Chart below

Cylinder HeadMoroso Gasket Part#
SB CHEVROLET (Including 18 deg.)93020
SB CHEVROLET (Clearanced Rail)93021
SB FORD93060
BB FORD93065