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Euro Style Tail Lights; Gloss Black Housing; Smoked Lens (15-21 All)

Item 410966
AmericanMuscle no longer carries the Euro Style Tail Lights; Gloss Black Housing; Smoked Lens (15-21 All). Please check out 2015-2021 Mustang Tail Lights for an updated selection.
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    Video Review & Installation

    The Smoked Euro Style Lights that we have here today would be an awesome choice for any 2015 and newer Mustang owner who might be looking to get away from the ordinary factory red tail lights and into something that's going to give off a very sleek and sinister appearance. Now, these DOT-approved Euros will pack that full LED operation and will still maintain the sequential functionality all for right around 550 bucks. Now, install is going to be a plug-and-play job here, guys, so figure a pretty soft one out of three wrenches on the old difficulty meter. And I would say an hour at most to complete from start to finish. But as always, hang with me for a bit and I'll walk you through that job later in the video.So, the Smoked Euro Lights that we have here will be for those S550 owners out there who are again, big fans of that dark smoked appearance, but would prefer to go about things in the proper way with a complete housing swap. Now, sure, you could certainly save some money, just use some vinyl tint to cover your factory tail lights. But at that point, you still have those red lenses along with the sometimes questionable results that can come from a poor vinyl installation. Now, these lights, on the other hand, are going to deliver that Euro lens, which for those of you who don't know is a clear lens that Mustangs come with over in parts of Europe. And then basically, these lights are then smoked to give you that dark aggressive look. Now, despite that smoked lens, you are still getting the standard red lighting through the modern and very bright LEDs. And that's why these lights have been given both the DOT and SAE stamp of approval, which does make them legal for use in all 50 states. Now, those red LEDs are going to operate in the same manner as your stock tail lights, so expect the standard operation there with your running lights, your brake lights. And again, you are still maintaining that sequential functionality as well for both your turn signals and hazards. Now, those LEDs are located behind the smoked polycarbonate lenses and nestled into the ABS plastic housing here that has been designed to be a complete and direct swap with your factory tail lights. So, there's no cutting, no modification needed to get these installed. Now, keep in mind, these have been designed to work with all 2015 and newer Mustang. So, even if you have a 2018 and newer car with the more angular tail lights and maybe you prefer the more traditional tri-bars found on the earlier S550s, well, these will still work on your car. I do also want to mention that if you really dig the clear Euro look, but maybe aren't a huge fan of the smoked lenses, well, you can grab the more traditional clear euros here at AM for roughly the same price as the smoked options. Now, on that same topic, guys, feel free to check out the very positive reviews on both the smoked and non-smoked options, which may help make your buying decision a much easier process.But now we want to segue into the installation process. And again, very simple job here, a direct swap, plug-and-play job, one out of three wrenches. But to give you a better idea of how things would go down, check out our detailed walkthrough and tool breakdown right now.Tools used for this installation include a panel removal tool, 3/8 ratchet, long extension, 10-millimeter socket, 13-millimeter socket, T20 Torx bit, and a T40 Torx bit.All right, guys, getting started with our tail light install here today. It's a very straightforward job, a very easy job, but first things first, obviously, you want to pop that trunk because we need to gain access to the backside panel here, namely this plastic piece that is held into place thanks to these clips. So, we're going to go ahead and unscrew those first. All right. Just simply unscrew this one and grab the bottom one as well. There's two more on the opposite side. We're going to unscrew those next. All right. With all four of these removed, we can now pop off this plastic panel. So, this panel is held on with some of those clips that are located behind the panel itself. So, you just want to work your way around slowly releasing the clips as you go. Also, have to lift up on your trunk panel.Now, our next step will really depend on whether or not your car is equipped with a factory subwoofer. In our case, it is, so therefore, we do have to remove that first in order to gain access to our third and final nut holding our tail light in place. Removing the subwoofer is really not that hard. We're going to get started with a T20 Torx bit to remove the three bottom screws, which does secure the cover plate to the bottom of the subwoofer. With those three screws removed, we can remove the bottom panel and that's going to unveil our 13-millimeter bolts, which we'll remove next. Thirteen-millimeter socket to remove these next. And last but not least, we have this T40 Torx screw or bolt right there. Remove that, and we can swing the subwoofer out of the way. With all of our bolts removed, we can now slide the subwoofer out of the way, just enough to gain access to our 10-millimeter screws back there. We can start off by these two 10-millimeter nuts here first, and then we'll go back in there further to get the third and final. Now, I found it easier to remove this panel clip here securing the felt carpet in place. That'll allow your carpet to kind of swing out of the way more to gain access to that third and final 10-millimeter nut. Go. At that point, you can push the carpet kind of out of the way. All right, guys. This third and final 10-millimeter nut is tucked way back in there. So, obviously, a little difficult to see, but it's right back in this general direction. We're going to get our socket on that and remove that last. Now that we have our three 10-millimeter nuts off, the tail light's just about ready to come out, but before we yank that out, there is a harness back there, a plug that you will need to unplug first or unclip, and then we can go ahead and slide everything out in one piece. See right here, thumb on the clip, pull up. Now, the tail light should officially be ready to come on out. To work this thing off, I kind of shake it a little bit, give it a little shimmy, and it helps to pop off the studs. And at this point, you have this rubber grommet here, go ahead and unseat that from the body, and remove the tail light.Now, we're going to install our new tail light basically in reverse order. Starting with the passenger side here, we're going to kind of fish in our harness and then make sure we seat our rubber grommet in that opening. Just kind of push it and you'll feel it seat in place. Make sure no water gets inside the trunk of your ride. With that grommet seated, now we can go ahead and slide the tail light into place. Now, we can go ahead and plug in our new harness to our factory harness behind the trunk. Again, if you don't have a subwoofer, this big metal bracket won't be in your way. It'll be a lot easier for you. So, we're going to start with that 10-millimeter nut that's way back in there first. Again, really not too bad in person, but for you guys to see it's a little difficult. Just get it seated, spin it onto place. Grab your socket, snug it up. Now, we can install these two 10-millimeter nuts here. Now, at this point, your tail light is officially installed. It's never a bad idea to just go ahead and test operation first before we start buttoning up our subwoofer. That way, if the clip isn't fully seated, you don't have to yank this thing back out. So, once you test everything, you're good to go. Now, we can reinstall the subwoofer starting with our carpet first.With the carpet in place, now we can kind of reposition our factory sub. Slide it back. I'll get these two 13-millimeter bolts finger-tight first just to kind of hold it in place. And grab our T40 Torx screw, insert that next. All right. With everything started, now we can go ahead and tighten everything down with our socket. And then our T40 here. All right. Our subwoofer's officially reinstalled but now we have to do this bottom panel to cover up those 13-millimeter bolts and reinstall the 3 T20 Torx screws now. Go ahead and snug up these three screws. Now, if you have a 2018 or newer Mustang with the subwoofer, you will not have to do this part because the bolts are exposed from the factory. But the '15 through '17 cars do have this plastic panel in place.All right, guys, so as you can see, we have the Smoked Euro Light next to our factory tail light. Full disclosure, these have been smoked with a vinyl tint kit. That's how the car came to us. But even with that being said, the differences couldn't be any more noticeable, right? The stock light is red. Even with that tint kit installed, it just isn't really the polish look you come to expect out of something like this. Now, this is the Euro aspect so you're getting rid of the red reflectors in your tri-bars, but even still the smoke job is far better than just a budget vinyl kit as you can see over here, and the ultimate result or the final result is going to just look that much better once they're finally installed on the car. Speaking of which, we're going to repeat this process here for the driver side tail light, get that in place, and then we'll show you how to button up the rest of your trunk.All right. As you can see, we got the driver side knocked out here. So, at this point, we're just going to put the trunk plastic back together and that's going to complete our install. So, let's show you how to do that next. So, now we're going to get our plastic in place. Keep in mind, you have some clips under here that do need to seat into the actual chassis. And, of course, we have four holes on either side here that we want to make sure we get into the studs. With the plastic in place, now we can secure it with our four retainers. Just go ahead and tighten them up on either side. And our final two. All right. With that plastic reinstalled, that's going to complete our installation.Hey, we hope you enjoyed this review and install of the Smoked Euro Tail Lights, available for your 2015 and newer Mustang at home. And keep in mind, for more cool products and videos like this, keep it right here at

    Product Information

    Features, Description, Reviews, Q&A, Specs & Installation


    • Euro Style Tail Lights
    • Improves Road Visibility and Driving Safety
    • Equipped with LED Bulbs
    • Smoked Lenses
    • Black, OEM-Grade ABS Plastic Housing
    • With Sequential Turn Signal Functions
    • DOT and SAE-Compliant
    • Simple Plug-and-Play Installation
    • Sold as a Pair
    • Created to Fit All 2015-2021 Ford Mustang Models


    Safer Nighttime Drive. If you love driving your Mustang when the sun is down, then equip your car with these Euro Style Tail Lights with Smoked Lenses. With these installed, you’re guaranteed to arrive at your destination safely since these tail lights produce brilliant LED light output. What’s more, they come with sequential turn signal functions, so you can safely change lanes and avoid crashing with other vehicles on the road.

    Durable Construction. To keep up with your car’s high-performance drives, these tail lights are constructed with smoked, impact-resistant lenses. Meanwhile, their black housing is made of superior OEM-grade ABS plastic. With this high-strength construction, the tail lights are guaranteed to be safe from the damaging effects of flying road debris and bad weather conditions.

    DOT and SAE-Compliant. To ensure that these tail lights are safe for street use, they are manufactured in accordance with DOT and SAE’s standard rules and regulations. Furthermore, these tail lights went through a series of rigorous tests to guarantee durability and long-lasting performance.

    Simple Plug-and-Play Installation. These tail lights are easy to install, thanks to their plug-and-play design. To begin the installation, simply remove your car’s existing tail lights. Apply painter’s tape to the surrounding area to avoid getting your new tail lights scratched during the process. Plug in your new tail lights and fasten them properly with the supplied hardware. No modifications are required.

    Application. These Euro Style Tail Lights with Smoked Lenses are created to fit all 2015-2021 Ford Mustang models.


    CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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