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Sequential Projector Headlights; Matte Black Housing; Smoked Lens (15-17 Mustang; 18-23 Mustang GT350, GT500)

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      Video Review & Installation

      Justin: Hey, guys. Justin here with, and today, we're taking a closer look at and installing the sequential projector headlights available for all 2015 through 2017 Mustangs, along with 2018 and newer GT350s and GT500s, complete with the black housing and smoked lenses. Now, you guys should be checking out these LED options for your S550 if you're looking to go with a factory-inspired set of headlights that will offer some attractive yet subtle differences over the stock option such as the more aggressive smoked lens and the built-in sequential turn signals.Now, talking features with the smoked projectors, and I think the biggest will be for the owners out there who prefer to keep things similar to stock but would like to add some subtle upgrades, in this case in the form of those lightly smoked lenses, gonna add a little bit more of an aggressive look to the front end, of course, in addition to the built-in sequential turn signals, which are located in your iconic tri-bars. Now, those tri-bars, much like the factory lights, will illuminate and serve as your daytime running lights, but the fact that they are kicking in the added sequential functionality certainly makes these very appealing.And I do go back to the owners who prefer to stick to more of a stock look. The reality is a lot of the aftermarket headlights in the category can get pretty wild looking, so for the less is more kind of S550 owners out there, I feel you. This is a nice attractive package because, again, yes, you are getting a little bit more of an aggressive look through those smoked lenses along with the sequential functionality, but you're not totally breaking the mold in regards to an OE-styled headlight here or something that's crazy aftermarket in appearance.Now, moving into construction, and you're gonna find a combination of that matte black housing working with a slightly smoked polycarbonate lens here, guys. Again, will help deliver that sinister look we mentioned throughout the video with both the lights on or off. Now, it's not a completely blacked out headlight that's gonna totally kill your headlight performance at night. Instead, it is a lightly smoked look here that does allow for a DOT and SAE stamp of approval.Now, I do wanna point out, guys, that these options will reuse your factory D3S bulbs and ballasts, so you will need to transfer those over during the install, which we are gonna show you here in a little bit. Now, finally, guys, I do wanna mention that everything's been sealed up nice and tight to prevent any moisture or condensation from entering those housings or lenses and building up over time.Now, your price point is gonna live in that low $700 ballpark here, putting these, I would say, right in line with a lot of your other entry-level S550 options on the site at the time of this video. But at the same time, they're still gonna be far more affordable than other options from companies like Alpharex or Morimoto. Regardless, guys, feel free to browse our entire selection here at AM before making your final decision.Now, getting into our install here, guys, and the site is gonna call this one a middle of the road two out of three wrenches on the difficulty meter, taking you at least a couple of hours or so to complete from start to finish simply because that front bumper will need to come off in order to swap the lights. But to give you a better idea of just how things will go down in the garage or driveway at home, feel free to check out this detailed walkthrough and tool breakdown.Male Speaker 1: For this install, you will need an impact, 3/8s to quarter-inch adapter if necessary, T20 Torx bit, 7, 8, 10, and 13-millimeter sockets, Phillips and flat head screwdrivers, clip removal tool, wire strippers and crimpers, and needle nose pliers, and for how we install it but not shown here, male spade connectors and T-taps, as well as a jack and jack stands to access the bottom of the vehicle.What's up, guys? We're gonna be installing some headlights on our Mustang, but before we do that, we're gonna send you to watch a short video on how to uninstall your factory lights, and we'll see you when you get back.Male Speaker 2: So for this install, we're gonna have to get the car up in the air a little bit and we're gonna have to remove the front bumper. It's a pretty simple process. I'm gonna walk you through it. So let's get started. I'm gonna start by using my clip tool to remove the clips that hold the upper rad cover on and I'll just pull these out and pull the rad cover off.So, with my rad cover out of the way, I can take my 8-mil socket and remove the six 8-mil screws along the top of the bumper, but don't forget the 7-mil screws hiding underneath the weatherstrip here, and I'm just gonna use a 7-mil socket to get those out.Now I need to pull back my inner fender liner here up against the front bumper. There are four clips here on the inside of the wheel well. One of ours is missing, but just imagine that it's there. And there's two at the bottom that I'll have to remove. And then I can pull my wheel well liner back far enough to gain access to the bolt that is behind the liner on the corner of the front bumper. I'm just gonna use my clip tool once again to pull the clips out and then I can pull the liner back.So back here at the corner of this bumper, there is a plastic bracket that mounts the fender to the bumper and there's a 7-millimeter screw that goes through the two and attaches the bumper into the fender. And what you're gonna have to do is take a 7-millimeter socket on your ratchet to remove it. Now, our bumper has been off so many times that that hardware is missing, but all you need is a 7-millimeter socket and ratchet and it'll come right out. Now I'm just gonna repeat this exact same process on the other side of the vehicle, and once again, remove the 7-millimeter screw here at the corner of the bumper.Now, you can pull your fender liner back once again and remove the 7-millimeter screw right here. With our fender liners pulled back and the corner of our bumper unbolted, now we can unhook our fog lights and turn signals as these are going to be coming off with the bumper when we remove it from the car. So I'm just gonna unplug my connectors and pull them off the back of the lights. And then I'm just gonna do the same thing on the other side.So next, I'm gonna use a combination of a clip removal tool and a 7-millimeter socket on my impact to remove the four screws and two clips on the bottom of the belly pan, but I'm gonna leave it attached to the front bumper so everything comes off in one piece. Let's go with the screws first.So now you're gonna wanna very carefully pop the corners of the front bumper out. Make sure not to damage these tabs as you will need them to reinstall the bumper. And with both of the corners popped off now, we can remove the front bumper. So, now that I have my bumper pulled off, I have access to all the hardware for the headlight. I'm gonna use a 10-millimeter socket for the top and bottom 10-millimeter screws and a 13-millimeter socket for the outer screw. So now I can remove my headlight and unplug the connector.Male Speaker 1: All righty, guys, welcome back. Now that we've shown you how to get your factory lights off, there's a few things we're gonna need to swap over to our new set before we're ready to go onto the vehicle, first being our bulb and our HID ballast, as well as tapping into a wire here so we can activate features on the headlights. So we'll show you how to do all that, and then we'll get it over onto the car.So first, we're gonna remove the cover for our headlight bulb itself, and to do that, we're just gonna give it a turn counterclockwise. Now, these can be pretty stiff, especially if you've never touched them and your car's getting up there in age. That O-ring tends to really grab onto the plastic. So, once we remove our cover, we can access our headlight bulb, which is an HID bulb. Now, ours is a little bit worse for wear, but from the factory, this should be pretty snug in here, and you just want to give it a little pop out of place. And be careful not to damage the glass on your bulb. You wanna pull this straight out without hitting the internal parts of your housing for your bulb section. It might take a little bit of effort. Once you get it out like this, you definitely don't want to touch the glass with your bare hands. It can cause hot spots and premature failure. Wear gloves if you feel more comfortable with that.So now that we have that out, we'll go ahead and unplug it. Now, we do not need to transfer over our retainer section for our bulb. Our new one comes with a new ring to lock it in place. So now that we have that unplugged, we'll go ahead and get our HID ballast off. So for this, we're gonna grab our T20 Torx bit and remove the four T20 Torx screws holding our ballast in place. Once we have those out, we'll go ahead and pull our ballast box back, exposing our plugs here.Now, the one we're gonna remove is this one. This one stays for the bolt connection, and it just has a tab here that you may need a flathead or something to pry up on. We'll go ahead and do that now. So we've got a small flathead. We'll go ahead and pull up on this tab and just kind of push back, pop that connector loose. Then we're gonna bring this one out with us because that is our actual bulb connector. So we'll fish that through here. May need to wiggle it around a bit to find an open section. Once you do, go ahead and pull this out.So now we'll come to our new light here and we're gonna remove our bulb area cover, which is simply a rubber cover on this one. So we'll just pop it off just like that. And we can see our provided headlight bulb ring here. So we'll just give that a turn counterclockwise. Take that out so we can get that onto our bulb and it'll secure our bulb into our headlight. So with your bulb facing up and your plug facing towards you, go ahead and grab our retainer ring, pop that little clip open, and you will see some tabs in here and those are gonna line up with our recesses on our bulb.So we'll go ahead and get this lined up. It may be a little tricky at first, but once you start squeezing it like that, go ahead and get that in place. There should fall right in. This will lock and that's ready to go in.So now we'll go ahead and grab our connector for our ballast on our new light and we'll go ahead and plug that right back into our factory spot just like that. And we can fish our bulb connector through to our bulb area. Now, this one's a little bit easier to kind of reach through the bulb area. Right? Kind of at the top corner, there's an opening. You can feed that right through, and grab onto your connector, start feeding that through. We have plenty of slack here. And we can go ahead and get our ballast mounted.Now, these are oriented specifically, so you just have to find the right orientation for your ballast just like that. It will seat properly when it's right. Then we can go ahead and reuse our factory T20 Torx screws and start getting those into place. We'll just give them a little turn just to get them into the mounting holes here. Sometimes you can get them to go in a little bit, sometimes you can't, that's okay.Okay. Now that they're all started, grab our T20 Torx bit on our impact and slowly run these in. Remember, this is going into plastic, so there's no need to crank them down any kind of crazy, just good and snug will do the job.Now that that's good and secure, we'll go ahead and plug our bulb in. We'll go ahead and plug our bulb back into the connector and make sure that seats. We're gonna feed our tube for our bulb into the housing. Make sure you wanna avoid hitting anything going in. And then we'll go ahead and get that lined up and seated and we'll give it a turn clockwise to lock it in place. So now that we have our bulb in place and our ballast is on, we'll go ahead and stick our cover back on. That simply pops back into place. You wanna make sure that seats nice and good so no moisture or debris gets in there and messes with your brand new fancy light.So now we're gonna grab onto our yellow signal wire here. And your kit does come with inline T-taps, but we find that male spade connector and normal T-taps like this work a little better than the inline ones. Again, you can use the ones provided in your kit. These are a couple pennies at any hardware store or automotive store, very easy to pick up. So we'll go ahead and slip this onto our pre-stripped end of our wire. We'll grab our wire strippers and crimpers. We'll go ahead and crimp this down like so.Give a good squeeze on that and make sure it properly collapses onto the wire, and give it a little tug afterwards just to make sure your connection is nice and secure. So now once you've completed this process for this headlight, you can go ahead and repeat these same steps for your other headlight, then we can move on to the vehicle. So now that we have easy access to our wiring before we install our new lights, we're gonna need to tap into our turn signal connector harness here.So for this one, we are going to go to our white wire out of our connector here, and we're gonna install our T-tap onto that. So we'll go ahead and get our wire down into our saddle as far as we can before we close our tap on it. And we'll go ahead and squeeze that into place. And it should lock once it seats far enough. Sometimes it's even a good idea to take a pair of pliers or something and lightly just squeeze on this to give it a better cut through our insulation on our wire.So we're just gonna give this a light squeeze with our pliers. Nothing crazy because it is plastic, but just enough to give it a little bit more of a seat. So now we can go ahead and grab our main connector for our headlights and we'll go ahead and plug that in just like from factory, same connector, make sure that seats. Then we're gonna set our headlight in place using the locators up on the side and the front. Make sure they seat. Now we're gonna grab our wire that we added our spade connector to, and we're gonna go ahead and plug that right into our T-tap that we just installed, make sure that seats properly. Then we'll go ahead and get our headlight bolted down.Now we'll get our two 10-millimeter screws in place, top and bottom. Once we have those started, we'll go ahead and get our 13-millimeter bolt into the side of the headlight and go ahead and get this started. Once we have that started, we'll go ahead and come back with our sockets and tighten everything down. So now we'll grab our 10-mil socket, tighten down our front mounts, and we'll switch out to our 13 for our side bolt.So now that you've got this done for this side, you can go ahead and repeat these same steps for your other headlight. Then we'll go ahead and throw our bumper back on. Now we can go ahead and get our bumper back into position. So we'll grab it here, slide it up and onto our locator dowels, let that top part rest. Then we can go ahead and get our side squared away and work our way to the underside.Now we'll go ahead and get our edges of our bumper lined back up with our fender. Now, remember, from the factory, you should have your one screw mounting your bumper to your fender. Again, we don't have ours anymore, but it'll still fit nice and flush all the same. Once you have that in, we'll go ahead and do the same thing for the other side. Now we can go ahead and plug all of our connectors back in on our bumper lights. So we'll start with our turn signal here, which is this brown one. Make sure that seats, followed by our marker light, which is this gray one here. Make sure that seats properly.And finally, our fog light. And we'll go ahead and get our fender liner back into place. Line that up. So now we can go ahead and get our push pins back into place. Remember, we have ours here, here, and we have these two outside of our fender.Then you should have one on the bottom as well. Ours is no longer with us again, but from factory, that should be there. Then once you have this side buttoned up, we can go ahead and do the same thing on the other side. Then we'll get our bottom splash guard secured, and that'll be it.Now we can go ahead and get our push pins and all of our screws back into place on our splash guard. Start with our pins on the outside here. We can go ahead and get our screws back in place. We'll start up front, our upper two, and these are all 7-mils. So we'll use our 7-mil socket and run these back in.Now we'll get all of our 8-millimeter screws back into place at the upper part of our bumper. So grab our 8-mil socket and run these back in. We can go ahead and pull back our weather-stripping and install what should be a factory 7-millimeter screw right here on each side. Ours are Philips head as replacements, but again, factory is a 7-mil. Go ahead and install these. Then you can go ahead and do the same thing for the other side. Now we'll go ahead and reinstall our upper radiator cover, and go ahead and get this lined up, make sure it sits down properly, all of our holes aligned. Then we'll go ahead and reinstall.All righty, guys, that about wraps up our review and install of our sequential projector headlights in matte black housing and smoked lenses for your '15 to '17 Mustang and '18 to current Mustang GT350 and GT500. Thanks for watching, and as always, for everything Mustang, keep it right here at

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      Features & Specs

      • Sequential Projector Headlight Pair
      • Sleek Racer Look
      • Black Case Interior
      • Smoked Lenses
      • Hard Composite Body
      • Sealed Against Rain and Dust
      • Easy Installation
      • Fits 2015-2017 Mustang and 2018-2023 Mustang GT350 and GT500 Models


      Stylish Styling. Upgrade your Mustang's lighting performance and appearance with the Sequential Projector Headlights featuring a Matte Black Housing and Smoked Lens. These headlights use advanced lighting technology for improved visibility and safety while driving, and feature unique sequential turn signals. With a sleek design and bold appearance, they add style to your Mustang's front end. Installation is easy with plug-and-play design, and they are built to last with high-quality materials.

      Installation. This product is easy to install and should take only a few moments.

      Application. The Sequential Projector Headlights; Matte Black Housing; Smoked Lens fits 2015-2017 Mustang and 2018-2023 Mustang GT350 and GT500 models.



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