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How to Install MMD V-Series Side Scoops - Pre-Painted on your Mustang

Installation Time

30 minutes

Tools Required
  • 1 - Tape Kit
  • 2 - Alcohol Wipes
  • 2 - Adhesion Promoter
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**Installation Notes**

If installing MMD Side Scoop Insert on previously installed side scoops see "Side Scoop Removal Instructions" on page 2.

Clean the tape mounting surfaces with the supplied alcohol. Also, ensure the vehicle's paint is clean and free of dirt. Use the supplied alcohol wipes to clean the scoop mounting surfaces on the part and the car. **Note: A clean surface is essential for proper adhesion.

Apply the supplied adhesion promoter, allow the promoter to flash dry. then install the supplied tape to the scoops mounting locations.

**Note: If you did not order the insert skip step 3. 

Next, install the supplied side scoop insert. Begin by testing fitting the insert. They can only be installed by inserting the bottom edge first and then sliding the top edge in second. 

The insert has to be flush with the edges to ensure the scoop will fit correctly on the car. After you see how the insert fits, remove the tape backing and secure the insert to the side scoop. 

Test fit the part before removing tape backing. The top edge of the scoop sits slightly below the body line and slightly behind the door edge.

Line up the lower edge behind the door edge. Then remove the tape backing and apply firm pressure to the tape edges securing it to the car. 

Side Scoop Removal Instructions

Begin be removing the side scoop from the vehicle. The side scoop can be difficult to remove. Use thick dental floss or fishing line, to "saw" the double sided tape. Pull the scoop off the car slightly to get the floss/fishing line between the scoop and the quarter panel. Pull the floss/fishing line side to side effectively cutting/sawing through the tape. **Note: Trying to pry/pull the scoop off can damage the part and/or your vehicle. 

Next, remove and leftover adhesive and tape backing from the vehicle and the back side of the scoop.

A hair dryer can be helpful during this step, ensure you don't leave the heat focused on one spot for too long as the heat can damage the paint.

Adhesive removers can be helpful but first, test them on a hidden portion of you paint to ensure the adhesive remover won't damage or discolor the paint.

​Once all Adhesive is removed, follow steps 1-4a to reinstall the MMD Side Scoop.