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How to Install a PaceSetter V6 Dual Exhaust Adapter Kit on Your 1994-1998 Mustang V6

Installation Time

3 hours

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1. Raise vehicle and support on jack stands. Support vehicle under rear frame to allow rear axle to hang down.
2. Cut stock tailpipe between rear axle and muffler, remove rubber hanger from tailpipe and remove tailpipe. A lubricant such as WD-40 will help when pulling support rods through rubber hangers.
3. Remove stock muffler.
4. Mark stock Y-pipe behind the catalytic converters in accordance with diagram, cut pipes and file inside and out until smooth.
5. Slide PaceSetter H-pipe (supplied) onto stock Y-pipe and clamp loosely using 2" clamps supplied.
6. Install rear hanger brackets and rubber hangers for passenger side of new exhaust system.
7. Install heat shield over rubber brake line with seam of shield away from exhaust pipe.
8. Install new TFXm Performance Kat-Back System (#86-2920), following instruction supplied with system. Check position of all components and clearances around and near frame and suspension and brake and fuel lines. Once you are satisfied, tighten all fasteners.
NOTE: Both the Adaptor Kit and the TFXsystem are designed with enough flexibility and adjustability to allow for variations from vehicle to vehicle. The design of each had been thoroughly checked and re-checked. A little patience and attention to detail at this point of the installation will pay off later.
9. Remove jack stands and lower vehicle.
NOTE: There may be some lubricant left inside the pipes from the mandrel-bending process. You may smell this lubricant burning off during the first few days of using your new system. This is normal and will disappear.
10. After a few days of operation, check all fasteners for tightness.