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How to Install a PaceSetter V6 Dual Exhaust Adapter Kit on Your 1999-2004 Mustang V6

Installation Time

3 hours

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Before beginning installation, read and make sure you understand all instructions, and have necessary equipment at hand. 

Before working on the vehicle, make sure that it is well supported by jack stands or ramps of sufficient load capacity for the weight of the vehicle. NEVER work on any vehicle which is supported only by its service jack. 

1. Raise vehicle and support on jack stands. Support from rear to allow rear axle to hang down. This will allow enough room for both removal and installation. 

2. Cut stock tailpipe between rear axle and muffler. Remove rubber hangers from support rods and remove tailpipe. Use of a lubricant such as WD-40 will simplify this process. 

3. Unbolt and remove stock muffler and pipe assembly. 

4. Carefully and ACCURATELY mark stock Y -pipe in accordance with the diagram. Cut pipes and clean edges with a file until smooth. 

5. Install PaceSetter H-Pipe onto stock Y -pipe. Using.2 V4" clamps. (supplied). Snug down but do not fully tighten. This will allow for minor adjustments during the installation process. 

6. Install supplied hangers and brackets for passenger side of dual system. (See diagram for locations.) 

7. Install heat shield over passenger side rubber brake line with supplied hose c1amp. Turn seam of shield away from pipe. 

8. Install new TFX Performance Kat-Back system (#86-2921) following instructions Supplied with system. Check clearance and position of all components paying special attention to brake and fuel lines and the frame and suspension. Once everything is in position, tighten all clamps and fasteners starting in the front and working your way to the rear. 

9. Remove jack stands and lower vehicle. 

10. Re-check all clamps and fasteners for tightness after a few days of operation.

The above diagram shows exactly where to make the proper measurements on both sides of the factory V-pipe assembly. The physical measurements are taken from the welds on the rear of both catalytic converters. It is very important to make these measurements carefully and accurately. This being done, the H-pipe conversion Kit (part#82-2921) can be installed easily. A little attention to detail will payoff dramatically.

Included in the kit is all of the hardware needed to complete the installation, including hangers and brackets for the passenger side of the vehicle. (See illustrations.)

Install # BK 29204 on passenger side in the same manner as the factory hanger on the driver's side. Use the bolt hole towards the center of vehicle. #RHSOO will then slide over the 318~ rod and will be used as the rear muffler support. Next install #BK22921 on both sides on the rear bumper support. It may be helpful to have the tailpipes in place to find the proper location for these brackets. The proper location for these brackets is on the ROUND holes towards the center of the vehicle on both sides. The 3/8' rods attached to the tailpipes will slide into the bushings on the bracket. 

Once the system is in position tighten all clamps and fasteners and check for proper clearance around fuel lines, frame and suspension components. Re-check clamps and fasteners after a few days of operation.