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How to Install a PA Performance Alternator Upgrade Kit on your 1996-2004 Mustang Cobra and Mach 1

Installation Time

1 hours


1. Disconnect the negative battery terminal.

2. Remove the alternator from the vehicle.

3. Remove rear metal black cover.

a. With a 5/16" socket remove the 3 through bolts.

4. Remove the voltage regulator.

a. With a T-20 torx bit or driver remove the 3 screws holding the voltage regulator.

5. Install the black terminal block (this looks like your factory voltage regulator).

a. Reuse the 3 T-20 regulator screws to install the black terminal block. Careful not to overtighten.

6. Reinstall the black rear cover.

7. Cut off the actory regulator plug.

8. Connect the red wire of our harness to the yellow wire of the factory harness.

9. Connect the green wire of our harness to the green wire with red stripe of the factory harness.

10. If your factory harness has a white wire with a black stripe it does not get used.

11. Install the external regulator on the fender well.

a. Use the supplied self tapping screws and attach the external regulator box to the driver side fender well.

12. Attach the rectangular shaped plug of our harness to the external regulator.

13. Reinstall the alternator and plug our harness into the new terminal block.

14. Reconnect the negative terminal to the battery.

Note: to verify effectiveness of this power pack kit we suggest measuring voltage before this installation with a digital volt meter, both at the battery and the alternator output post, then measure again after the installation. Any questions about the installation or the results please contact us.